1. Another odd thing i’ve noticed about World of Tanks – at least once a session in the team chat someone will write things like “noob retard team” or “fucking stupid players here”. It is always from someone who got destroyed, which puzzled me at first since i usually exit the battle as soon as i’m killed, and then go to the garage to pick another tank for another battle. i usually have absolutely no interest in the outcome of the battle. So these players just sit there writing “retard team” while watching their surviving team mates play. On the one hand they are now free to write messages, being dead; on the other hand, why stick around?

Another thought – presumably they died because they rushed into a trap, alone, and then they blame their team mates. It’s true that each player tends to operate semi-independently, so cooperation develops organically, e.g. you’re tank-cowering behind a rock as two more powerful tanks blast away, moving to encircle; and then a distant friendly artillery or destroyer annihilates them – not to help you out, just to get points. The sour losers might be right to blame their team for not providing support, but then i suspect the ill-tempered ones are those who rush ahead sending “HELP!” messages and assume everyone will follow in their wake.

2. Perhaps these people are adolescent 13-year-olds who can bully and dominate their peer group in real life, and become enraged when they encounter resistance. My colleague The Cop is of this type – i went out drinking with him and two acquaintances (one an opera singer) a couple of years ago and he tried to get them to sing for him. The singer obviously didn’t want to, and said there was too much background noise; choosing to ignore this evident reluctance, The Cop called the waiter over and told him to turn the music off, saying loudly (in German): “my friend is a famous opera singer, and he wants to sing.” The singer’s discomfort grew and he highly grudgingly sang for about five seconds before refusing to continue. The Cop kept bellowing “No! No! Again! Continue! Continue!” to no avail.

As we left The Cop hung back a little from the other two and said to me, “I don’t want to get too close to these two. These fucking assholes. Fucking assholes. Don’t want to sing, huh? Too good to sing? Fucking assholes! It would have been great! But they fucking didn’t want to! Fucking assholes!” – sounding, for all his tough guy swagger, close to tears.

3. i prefer to play World of Tanks by hanging back, slowly getting into cover with a good line of sight (and retreat) and then watch the map to see how things play out. Obviously someone needs to make the first move – if everyone was like me, each game would consist of the players squatting in bushes and peering paranoiacally about till the time runs out. But i think even a headstrong player must observe and adapt to the enemy and to his team mates.

4. i Skyped with the Viking the other day. As soon as he caught sight of the Sturmstache he burst out laughing, explaining: “You look like a Mexican horse thief.” Later, he drew this in my honour:


1. i was teaching my JobCentre class today, was compelled to do “icebreaker”, wrote it on the board and said: “Anyone know what this is?” and then when someone managed “ja it is to talk to first in party” i said: “Good. It’s a way to start a conversation with people. It’s also a kind of ship which is designed to clear a path through ice.”

Blank stares.

i continued: “The Russians have the only known nuclear-powered icebreakers.”

Blank stares.

i continued: “Did you know Stalin apparently called Hitler the icebreaker for the revolution?”

A Russian MILF’s eyes twinkled. A Spanish hottie stirred, admiring my Franco moustache. The Germans looked curious.

i continued: “So Hitler could make a good icebreaker in a party. You’re standing there with your Schnitzel and your beer and you want to talk to a hot babe so you say, Hey uh, um, ah and she stares at you and says, Ja? Und? Was wollen Sie?

So you say, Uh, well, what about that Hitler, eh?

The Spanish hottie laughed: “That is verboten!”

Then she admired my Franco ‘stache.

2. Mysterious forces are afoot. One of my favourite 4chan drops, a few months ago:

I saw Barron Trump at a grocery store in Washington yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything.

He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”

I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Diet Cokes in his hands without paying.

The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Mr. President, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be busy and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.

When she took one of the cans and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at himself in the mirror. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each can and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.

3. What is this all about? Let’s find out.

1. i was teaching one of my favourite students, a tall green-eyed blonde hottie who works for some tedious huge financial company; she was late so i waited in the canteen and decided to check out their “library”. Some interesting finds:

Paul Nobel “the economy will immediately collapse under Trump” Prize Krugman, Principles of Corporate Finance, etc. But what’s that, there, yes there

Evidently unread, as i found; and it’s the original, not some beshitten “translation”. i contemplated stealing it – it would be rather the jape to steal one of the masterpieces of English literature from a company partly owned by the Rothschilds; but i already have a copy in a friend’s garage in England, a vintage hardback of far superior aesthetics, and so i let it be.

Also, rather surprisingly:

i wonder if there is a department somewhere who monitor cultural degradation and read Gibbon and Spengler for hints of who to short (my guess is, Western civilisation). Also found this unexpected volume:

Make of that what you will.

1. Another week of horror & shame is nearly over, praise Zeus. i didn’t even work on Monday (all my groups cancelled, as Tuesday is Faschismus, the German “carnival”) but already feel exhausted and full of rage & loathing & self-loathing. i taught a nice JobCentre group today, one of the students drew this flower on the board in an effort to bring some joy into my darkened existence, i immediately supplemented it with two human beings and rudimentary dialogue:

2. When i was younger, such melancholy troughs would have me suicidal and deranged but now i just shrug and think, Fuck it, it’s February, i’m broke, i’ve been broke my entire life, i spend hours on the road for nothing, my colleagues are a bunch of Left-wing retards but at least i have a Sturmstache to bear me into my weary old age, my slow and horrod demise.

3. Also, i finally saw Blade Runner 2049.

It is extremely good, directed by Denis Villeneuve (Sicario); i would say it falls short of the 1982 original, in part because that’s a river into which we’ve already launched our origami, in part because Ryan Gosling, while a very good actor, lacks Harrison Ford’s presence & meatiness. But then, it’s no aspersion to say a film isn’t as good as Blade Runner.

Ford’s performance was a pleasant surprise; he was good in The Force Awakens, was actually the best thing about the whole pedestrian affair, but in 2049 he has a script and a role that lets him breathe instead of just telling jokes and smirking.

i find it interesting that he has appeared in two remakes in the last couple of years. On the one hand, it seems that we have exhausted much of our cultural capital

but if we’re lucky we’re just living in the end times and as it were revisiting the past as one might draw up a list of crimes, before we are judged and consigned to Hell.

4. 2049 is both a horrod vision of the future, and a kind of Christian parable on incarnation and creation and the Satanic impulse to usurp God’s making word. It seems that civilisations inevitably take Genesis 11 verses 1 – 4 as their guiding principle; and then Isaiah 14 verses 12 to 14.

(i would distinguish between what Tolkien calls subcreation, and the sterile productions of modernity. Because we are created by the gods, anything which defies their nature will in turn deny ours, as we see with modern architecture.)

In 2049, the Tower-builders, the future Zuckerbergs, have managed to create – to some degree. Replicants, as we saw in the original, have consciousness and can indeed live in ignorance of their own manufactured origin. The replicants are seeded with memories, and these memories are in some way an inner red thread leading to a true creator, or act of true creation. i don’t think it is possible for the demons to wholly sever our connection with the gods; though they are certainly trying and have thus far succeeded, by installing people like Theresa May, Angela Merkel, “Pope” Francis in order to destroy what remains of the traditional European religions and races. However, Hölderlin:

Wo aber Gefahr ist, wächst 

Das Rettende auch.


but where there is danger

grows also redemption


You have so much more than you know.

Future proves past.


1. i broke from my usual disinclination to watch anything longer than 50 minutes, with Brawl in Cell Block 99.

It is fokcen amazing, a gorefest of violence, racism, filth, degradation and obscenity such as these old eyes have not beheld in many a year. i loved every moment.

2. i had given up on Vince Vaughn as a non-comic actor after the dreary True Detective Season 2. It just goes to show that a good taut script and direction (S. Craig Zahler) can bring a great performance from an actor usually regarded as a mediocre has-been; and he is great. Vaughn is one of the few in Hollywood who doesn’t seem to be compromised by paedophilia, rape, Left-wing ideology, as witnessed when a smug, empty-headed actress gave a speech about how, like, Donald Trump is literally Hitler (but her (((friends))) Roman Polanski and Harvey Weinstein are fine). She glowed with self-congratulatory radiance; this glow requires a lifetime of wealth, a career of total show & pretense within an almost wholly Left-wing environment;

this glow is only possible if one is insulated from the dirt people, if one keeps company with millionaire paedophiles and rapists, if one runs absolutely no risks, repeats the party line; after decades of sheeplike baaing one can finally accept an award before the party faithful for denouncing someone they all hate, with the air of August Landmesser in Hamburg in 1936.

…but actually you’re worth 45 million dollars and you’re protected by your (((God))) Harvey Weinstein,

and every false platitude you utter with your highly expensive glow will be joyously received by the other sheep, and by the entire corporate/State media, except – what? what is this? Not everyone – not all – there are two – two – two – two – well, /TWO MEN/:

One of them is fucking Riggs.

The other is Vince Vaughn.

3. So anyway, Brawl in Cell Block 99 consists of Vince Vaughn as the kind of flag-waving patriot badass who went out of style with Reagan, stomping the guts of the cartel, of prison guards (some black). Streep is very much a polisher, a Streberin indeed as her name suggests, a time-server, a woman of her times, a fair-speaking appeaser & snake; Vaughn is a man out of time, against his time, as is this film:

It is unweakened by moralising. Vaughn’s character Bradley Thomas is a drug dealer who ends up in the joint, and he neither defends nor attacks his crimes; this is far from the allegorical Left with their trite morality tales: it’s closer to some of Hemingway’s best passages, or Tolstoy’s Hadji Murad, a simple recounting of event.

4. It also features some excellent fascist imagery with Don Johnson as Warden Tuggs:

Tuggs Johnson is obviously a figure to emulate (‘stache and all); he is also a part of the film’s limpid calm: he is brutal and yet doesn’t seem particularly evil or sadistic; he is simply a man given a job, a job for which he finds himself apt. Within the terms of the film, his methods make sense; we could indeed use such a man – many such men – in Western Europe today. And yet he is not a hero; he is a cold brutal man in a world i would call cold & brutal but that it seems to be simply the world. 

The absence of moralising judgement & Streep-like sermonizing extends right to the finish. In the denouement between Tuggs and Bradley Thomas, there is no hostility, no rage or hatred; it is simply how things are. This is a quality i find increasingly attractive in art: a bare, unmoralising clarity with the grit and grain of real life, resistant and coarse to the touch, like running your hand along a brick wall.

1. i was teaching a low-level JobCentre class and fell to discussing Nassim Taleb’s superb Antifragile. It actually began when one student said she would abstain from chocolate for Lent, and since Taleb mentions Greek Orthodox fasting i began to discuss his ideas, then – 2 minutes later:

elberry: […] mass rapes, and the coloured peoples can no longer be contained with welfare and the police, then the War will break out, but I will be in my cave in the Allgäu, drinking gin and watching Munich burn. All you city fools will perish while i laugh and savour my solitude & alcohol & tobacco.

The students who could actually understand anything i was saying laughed, some nervously, and then two police sirens started up outside and i ran to the window, exulting: “IT HAS BEGUN!!! RACE WAR!!! RACE WAR!!! RACE WAR!!!”




2. Was playing World of Tanks and came across a player called Guy Crouchback and messaged him “Waugh fan?”, and he confirmed.

evelyn waugh by henry lamb

He got wiped out and i continued his valiant work and won the match, by god; or at least i was on the winning side. The Baby Boomers would probably find this odd; i’ve noticed that each generation is enormously & almost inescapably conditioned by its age. The Baby Boomers grew up in a world that was both Leftist and segregated, authoritarian and fashionably rebellious, secure and progressive. For the Boomers, everything of the past could and can be confidently swept away – save (for the so-called conservatives) literature and high culture. The belly-patting acquiescence & ease of the Boomers is typical of their time and origin, as Tony Judt describes well in his Cambridge chapter, ‘Bedder’ in The Memory Chalet; hopping from the 60s to the 70s:

A decade later, I was now in authority: Rose’s employer, so to speak. A fellow of King’s and, briefly, associate dean, it was my job on occasion to reprimand undergraduates for excessively inappropriate behavior. In this capacity I once mediated between a bunch of late-Seventies students (boys and girls alike, King’s having gone “mixed” in 1972) who had been seen cavorting naked on the college lawns early one morning and a bedder who had taken umbrage at their immodesty. The students were utterly mystified: in those post-authoritarian times it was incomprehensible to them that anyone would find such behavior untoward, much less “inappropriate.” It was not, as one of them pointed out to me, as though they had been “doing it in the road”—a Paul McCartney reference that they could reasonably expect a Sixties-era Fellow to recognize.

The bedder, however, was inconsolable. Nudity was not unfamiliar to her. She had witnessed generations of young rugby players, cavorting drunkenly in their underpants before collapsing into an alcoholic stupor. But this was different. For a start there were girls involved and this upset her. In the second place, no one had made any effort to pretend or dissimulate or cover up. And thirdly, they had laughed at her discomfort. In short, they had broken the rules of engagement and she felt humiliated.

The undergraduates in question, as it turned out, were mostly from state schools: upwardly mobile, first-generation students of modest background. This, too, upset the bedder. It was one thing to be patronized by young gentlemen of the old sort—who would characteristically have apologized the following morning and expressed their regret in the form of a gift or even an affectionate, remorseful embrace. But the newer sort of student treated her as an equal—and it was this as much as anything else which hurt her feelings. The bedder was not the undergraduates’ equal; never would be. But at least she had a traditional claim, even if only during their student years, upon their forbearance and respect. What was the point of being an underpaid servant if this was no longer forthcoming? At that point the relationship was reduced to one of mere employment, in which case she would be better off at the local canning factory.

This i understand. In a sense i conformed to the Durham bedders’ sense of propriety in the late 90s in that i was always fully clothed, polite, and of course gave them a box of chocs for Christmas. It sounds funny but for my first six months or so at university, their weekly visits were vital to maintaining my emotional stability, being as i was fantastically isolated & weird. i ran into one of my first-year bedders ten years after leaving, on the streets of Durham, and to my pleasure she remembered my name and my room and we chatted for a few minutes. It was not a case of hierarchy as such, with its sense of higher & lower; it was rather that there was an order, and i knew my place, and theirs. This order is one of the delicate and extensive forces of Western civilisation, which is almost impossible to explain or justify, but nonetheless existed and acted like a glue to hold very different peoples together; and it is an order denied and derided by the Boomers: those born in the 40s and 50s have joyously wrecked Western civilisation, secure in the deep knowledge that they won’t have to live in a minority-white nation; that lot falls to their children and grandchildren, if they even have any.

The Boomers will be the first to proclaim “that’s just, like, your opinion man” and denounce authority; yet they would be staggered at the idea of two people discussing Evelyn Waugh in a computer game chat bar; likewise they were the first to proclaim “the media is like a sell-out, man” yet credulously believe what the corporate/State media sell them, not for a moment suspicious that Donald Trump is suddenly the anti-Christ and literally Hitler, and Clinton and the Bush families suddenly fine and virtuous, and the corporate/State media purveyors of objective truth:

corporate media vs trump 3

corporate media vs trump 2

corporate media vs trump

One could ask, What kind of people wouldn’t think, PROPAGANDA? The kind of people who write this – those who are embedded within what could be called “the Matrix”; journalists and readers; liars & the gullible: scum.

3. Luckily, Generation Z, also known as Generation Zyklon, will it seems be the first to be largely red-pilled; fitting, since unlike my generation (Millennial/Gen X) their entire adult lives will be spent in the War proper; a war bequeathed them by their feckless, credulous, self-righteous parents/grandparents.

i have a 16-year-old student, parents are typical globalist EU-servants, and after three or four lessons we started discussing immigration, integration, etc., and behold i found him purple-pilled & fully aware that non-white groups simply don’t integrate, no matter how long they feed off welfare & blame the White Devil for their ills. i have, as is my wont, fed him some minor red pills regarding IQ and Sweden’s status as Rape Capital of Europe. When last i taught him, his globalist EU mother asked how he was doing, i made eye contact with him, and said carefully, – He is making good progress.

Of course i wanted to say,

4. In a sense, as The Golden One said somewhere, we’ve been at war for 70 years. Most of us are on the surface, sensing subterranean battles from afar. What is called Q is i think part of the battle, also a preparation for a future line of attack. i at first wondered if Q was merely a LARPer but unless his “crumbs” are a series of rather wild coincidences it seems he is someone close to Trump; a Bible-reader of a cryptic, gnostic character. Some of it is almost Heraclitean, e.g.

When does a map become a guide?


Crumbs will make bread


Future proves past.

Here are two details which could be of course utterly meaningless:

i) Dow Jones drops 666 points.

ii) Trump announces military parade

The 666 could be simply occult synchronicity; or it could be the globalist/bankers’ way of saying “look what we can do”. Trump’s response: look what I can do.

My guess is that we are witnessing, from afar and through the generally lying media, a military/intelligence operation. i imagine Trump has recruited the decent, uncorrupted men in e.g. the NSA, CIA, FBI, DoJ etc., and they are systematically going for the jugular, working out who can be brought on side and who needs to be destroyed. i think the Q posts are part of this, both as disinformation and to flush out the enemy; and to lay the crumbs for a future loaf.

My feeling is that at some point light will be cast on Mutti Merkel’s decision to let the entire Third World enter Europe; and the information will suffice to utterly destroy Merkel, the CDU, the CSU, and most likely all the so-called conservative parties in Western Europe; and, hopefully, democracy and liberal “progressive” values forever.

1. i’ve been re-reading Goethe’s shorter poems. The English translation (David Luke) is okay, i very occasionally even prefer it to the original but it is a verse translation and so bears a rather loose resemblance to the original. My German isn’t really good enough to evaluate Goethe but i find him offputtingly over-engineered; by which i refer not to his reputation, but rather to his air of cold, serene ease. He seems so perpetually dapper, leisurely, effortlessly perfect, able to take up any form (novel, natural science, drama, poetry).

He gets on my tits.

2. Shakespeare at least has risible errors (of geography, for example) and the full Hamlet would have been unstageably long, and for all the portrait of him as some kind of smug middle class greengrocer the anger and darkness of Othello or Lear is wholly human – a fallen quality; likewise Dante, for all his technical craft, and Milton. With Goethe, there seems nothing truly human, by which i mean none of the anguish of Dr Johnson or TS Eliot, no warmth, no sense of anything being at stake. For Goethe, writing seems an exercise like any other; like administering the roads and parks of Weimar. It is no criticism of the man or the writer; it just leaves me cold, uncaring.

3. i’ve been following the FISA memo story with interest. It is, as many have observed, worse than Watergate. The funny thing is that, were Trump in fact a Russian spy i wouldn’t care and i doubt many of his fans would – at least, based on his year and a bit in office, we would think Russian spies are obviously the way to go. And likewise the Left wouldn’t care that Obama and the DNC illegally spied on a presidential candidate, because that candidate was a Republican. Even if it turned out Obama wasn’t born in the US (or whatever) and so his entire two terms were invalid, the Left wouldn’t care – because he’s black and a Democrat. They don’t care that the corporate/State media are in bed with the globalists and operate a lying shitshow of outright deceit, partial & biased reporting, and squid-like obfuscation. They wouldn’t care if the DNC shot Trump and his family on camera. They would regard all of this as entirely justified because Trump is literally Hitler.

Nobody really cares anymore: the Left and the normies because they’ve been fed lies and disinformation and are too credulous or too invested in the present system to query the manifest contradictions & nonsensical hyperbole (garbage in, garbage out); the further Right because, if you went into a casino where all the machines were rigged and you found a way to rig a machine in your favour,

well that’s okay isn’t it? Not that i think Trump did more than accept whatever intel Russia (as well as any other foreign state) wanted to toss him in 2016, but really, would anyone on the further Right care if he was literally Putin in a fatsuit and orange wig, provided he just continued as he has to date?

4. Of course everyone cares – about something; the difference is perhaps between the real and the unreal, between caring for e.g. whisky, tobacco, dobermanns, tweed, the civilisation we once had, the civilisation some of us actually grew up in; and abstractions. Those who follow abstractions such as equality, fairness, socialism, become hungry ghosts. There is a spectral quality to most on the Left, a raging emptiness & insanity & evil. The exceptions – for example H.A. Goodman – tend to prove the rule.

5. What do people care about? i think that after we die most of our concerns are stripped away and we are left with our essential nature (mine seems quite stable over many apparently contrasting lives) and allegiance to certain elements of our once-earthly habitation. Images and words can adhere; but ultimately it seems a matter of people, some people we loved or could have loved; and places, even vastly-altered cities & wildernesses & landscapes; and some customs and pleasures, ways of being we once had, would again. The soul is a traditionalist.



1. It has often struck me that Social Justice Warriors, that is, rabid Leftist vermin, are Margery Kempe-style Christian degenerates in need of a good beating. The SJWs espouse:

i) the Original Sin of being any of the following: white, male, non-tranny, heterosexual; i.e. almost everyone on the planet

ii) penance through groveling

iii) acts of demented devotion

iv) crusades against the unbeliever; burning of witches; Satan (Hitler/Donald Trump)

All in all, highly diverting.

2. In an earlier age the SJWs would have been loudly pious, venomous Christians, whitened sepulchers. i’ve been pondering the need to virtue signal, why almost everyone at some point is driven to show their approved intentions & attitudes.

The inveterate virtue signalers i think feel themselves to be wicked, and accordingly project strenuously “correct” opinions and attitudes as compensation; an obsessive washing of dirty spiritual hands. All the ardent Left-wingers i know – the ones who keep on about evil Nazis and racists and Donald Trump – are messed-up people, mostly women, at least one has been diagnosed with the Borderline personality disorder and another fits most of the Borderline characteristics. It’s one thing to feel the world makes little sense as it is; or to oppose the destruction of European civilisation; as Millennial Woes said, fringe movements attract troubled people:

…but when i as it were shut my worldly eyes and consider the spiritual quality of an individual, every Leftist believer i know has a nihilistic, hate-filled energy and leaves a trail of destruction & ruined lives in her wake; my Leftist acquaintances have their good qualities but these are very much islands of decency in an ocean of violence and nihilistic rage. Hypocrisy? or perhaps glimpses of what the Leftist could have been, had she not chosen this grim path.

These people seem fuelled by a broiling violence & hatred; and so the Left suits them very much, calling as it does for the destruction of pretty much everything, and allowing its adherents to regard themselves as virtuous and noble warriors of light, and not as, well, this:

In days of yore they would have bought indulgences from the Pope, gone on crusade, or worn their hairshirts in public, silver cilice on thigh, loudly denouncing witches and screaming about Hell till pelted into silence with dung and rotten turnips. They seek, through officially “good” actions & words, to dispel their accurate sense of being totally worthless and evil.

In our society, to be perceived as “good” one need only denounce Donald Trump, call for uncontrolled mass immigration and the wholesale destruction of Western civilisation – and so they do. None of this is virtuous, and so their original sense of being evil is merely intensified, even as they tell themselves “look what a good person I really am! I just wrote an angry Facebook post about Evil Hitler Trump! I love Muslim orphan children from Syria!”

3. When the world changes, i think it will be something both familiar & unprecedented. As Bruce Charlton wrote:

By such an account a large majority of the current population would certainly die – one way or another (from some combination of starvation, violence and/or disease); the exact number at any timepoint depending on how long a surplus people could live-off capital accumulation, compared with the effect of a currently lower level of human ‘fitness’ than 200 years ago, due to eight generations of dysgenic breeding and mutation accumulation.

Or we could take a wider and more religious-spiritual view; from which such matters are subject to divine influence and plans – the effect of which depends on perspective. I personally believe that (for various reasons, some material, others spiritual) we cannot ‘revert’ to a traditionalist economy or religion. That is: we cannot ‘re-set’ to any earlier type of society.

So I would say – neither the sterile-Leftists nor the fertile-traditionally-religious will win; but what will emerge is something new and unforeseen.

In other words, the eventual ‘survivors’ will be different and will live differently from anything which has been seen before on earth.

Most normal people already regard the Left as a group of dangerous lunatics (the elites do not represent the rest of the population). i see the Left, especially the Social Justice Warriors, as something of a bellwether of destruction; i don’t agree that they dominate the media & politics & even companies like Google simply because of (((connivings))) within the Materium. Malign non-human intelligences are at work in the Immaterium, and Leftists are variously under the sway of this demonic possession.

4. Madness seems on the rise, like rape in Sweden. As with Sweden it is probably in part a matter of more scrupulous reporting; but as with Sweden i think there is a real, disturbing phenomenon (dementia and Alzheimers are also now the main cause of death for women in the UK). If the body is greatly influenced by the mind, the latter is likewise subject to the spirit, and spirit to forces we once called demons, angels, gods. There is something wrong with the fabric of the Immaterium.

5. My feeling is that when the next economic crisis hits, the material destitution and widespread violence (millions of military age sand peoples on the loose, plus a sizeable native underclass) will trigger extensive, substantial psychic disturbances. Demons of various allegiance will manifest, as will gods.

So Jung, in 1936:

It was not in Wotan’s nature to linger on and show signs of old age. He simply disappeared when the times turned against him, and remained invisible for more than a thousand years, working anonymously and indirectly. Archetypes are like riverbeds which dry up when the water deserts them, but which it can find again at any time. An archetype is like an old watercourse along which the water of life has flowed for centuries, digging a deep channel for itself. The longer it has flowed in this channel the more likely it is that sooner or later the water will return to its old bed.

The Materium will become the killing ground of the gods.

6. The irreligious, the belly-patting polishers, the hysterical and insane will no doubt suffer greatly in this time, for various reasons. Those with little or no stake in the world, like Varg Vikernes, will psychologically-speaking do just fine; indeed, i recall ten years ago in Leeds & Manchester, taking the bus to work and my occasional vertiginous sense that this bustling city was scheduled for destruction:

and so while i’m not exactly looking forward to leaving my quiet life of gin and teaching and tobacco, and embracing mass murder and collective insanity and demonic possession and cannibalism and rape, i’ve been expecting it for a while now and it’s best to get it over with.

Here are my reasons to hope, some i have already mentioned:

1. The process of globalism (destruction of old, worthwhile human cultures & races/ethnicities, replaced by a mixed-race population of low IQ consumers/slaves in the American mould) is not evenly distributed. Western Europe, especially England, Sweden, and Germany are so grievously ruined as to serve as a moral lesson to Eastern Europe and perhaps mongol space alien alcoholic Finland. My sense of Bratislava was of a culture where alcohol and violence & Catholic occultism & debauchery & Adidas are rightly privileged above such merely pecuniary considerations. i feel that if the Satanic Powers try to buy the Slavs off, offering them untold trillions of German Euros in return for accepting untold millions of these

even if literally six gorillion copies of this are published

the shaven-headed Slavs will say nyet tovarisch! and pull out their AKborschty7, Putin style.

Perhaps had the globalists inflicted their destruction evenly over the whole of Europe they would be even now chuckling over canapes, patting their Southron bellies and eating jellied eels with the UN. But it will be difficult to persuade Eastern Europe to accept the devils which have nearly finished off the West. It was too blatant; the globalists overplayed their hand. And now, for all their canapes and their pizza, their Doom is at hand.

2. Ideological over-reach. When the elites label the highly moderate Jordan Peterson Alt-Right, they are playing a dangerous game. i imagine the idea is, call a man an Alt-Right Nazi and no one will listen to anything he says. But imagine you are 18-year-old Tanner McLagavulin and you end up watching a Jordan Peterson video, you are highly impressed because he is, despite his lamentable race blindness, intelligent & profound, then you find he is supposedly an Alt-Right Nazi. Does that make you an Alt-Right Nazi? 

Your Millennial blue-hair/soyboy teachers keep wagging their etiolated fingers about race and fairness and tell you that, being white, you are scum and only succeed because of “privilege”; meanwhile you see DeShawn and Jamal are almost always at the bottom of the class, unable to understand anything; violent, with tattoos and gold teeth & questionable taste in trousers.

Deeply troubled you return to Peterson. Is he a covert Nazi after all? He seemed okay. You watch an interview of his with the corporate/State media.

He doesn’t seem to be a bad person. It is the interviewer who seems to be a bad person. Peterson seems intelligent & honest. The interviewer seems dishonest and stupid.

Nazi = intelligent & honest?


3. The God Emperor.

Of course he isn’t perfect – he seems genuinely uninterested in race, about as unracist as you can get in fact, he’s probably an atheist, he hasn’t read a book in his life, he’s pro-Israel, i think he should have just shaved his head and got some skull tattoos, but judging from the frenzied daily lies & misinformation spread against him daily in the corporate and State propaganda outlets, he is clearly not part of the plan. And that in itself warms the old fascist cockles, does it not.

The system was thus: the globalists bought both Republican and Democrat candidates, thus ensuring that they would win either way. Then Trump arose. They thought, Oh well he doesn’t stand a chance against Hillary, not with the entire media against him.

Trump i think expected to win; but he also expected that after some initial resistance he could somehow turn the clock back to an early-60s Mad Men era

of high employment and social cohesion and big tits & highly glorious daytime drinking. Now as i see it he has three choices:

i) Roll over and become a globalist tool: destabilise the rest of the Middle East; war with Iran; import tens of millions of Muslims and greasers; massively expand the State; tax the middle class into extinction; take away individual liberty; destroy Christian/Western institutions. Suddenly receive favourable press coverage, the paid shills who attacked you but a short while ago now wholly in your favour.

ii) Withdraw from politics and accept that you will be forever lambasted as a failure and a racist, Nazi, etc. but more or less “spared”; or persist and be assassinated.

iii) Destroy your enemies, root & branch.

i believe he has opted for the third option.

No one who plays the game gets a free pass.

i presume there are some good people even in the so-called Deep State; it is not possible for an entire functional bureaucracy to be comprised of evil-doers – it would make sense for the higher management to be deeply compromised scum, but the frontline men to be variously competent and possibly idealistic & vaguely decent. My guess is that non-corrupt military/intelligence personnel approached Trump and he is now surrounded by 100% trustworthy men (military). He is a negotiator and so would probably be happy to make a deal but instead the globalists are attacking him with unrelenting vehemence; and i think at some point he realised he has to break them, savagely.

4. The sand peoples themselves are not united, e.g. gooks are honorary Aryans; Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists loathe the Muslims, even Muslims loathe other Muslims, so instead of all the so-called “people of colour” uniting to exterminate the White Devil, i believe they will start slaughtering each other and the White Devil.

5. An engineer student of mine, a few years ago, opined that the Soviet Union brought about its own collapse by educating its populace. i lack the detailed knowledge to evaluate this judgement; however i think of James Damore

and i have an IT student at the moment who is partly a normie but intelligent enough to notice the unusual vilification of Trump in the State/corporate media, and to wonder. i’m not sure it’s possible to educate even engineers and geeks to do their job without also training them to think. Of course character guides intellect and IT geeks are typically great man-baby losers but all the same, my guess is that about 5 – 15% of engineers would realise the political system is nonsensical. We have at the moment a relatively high-IQ population in the west, and if the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan successfully creates a low-IQ, deracinated, atomized, multicultural slave population the economic model will become unsustainable – the low-IQ Lovecraftian degenerates make good consumers but will be unable to maintain a high-tech civilisation; and to have the high-tech civilisation one requires competent men and geeks, who are liable to think, from time to time.

6. Even the normies are becoming mildly purple-pilled. While visiting Durham i talked to an old friend and her daughter; the daughter is in many ways a typical crusty millennial Leftist SJW, has lived in squats, takes drugs a plenty, has a severe personality disorder, sexually promiscuous, has left a trail of disaster behind her; but when i suggested my old friend watch Jordan Peterson videos to sort her life out, her Leftie daughter exclaimed that she knows Peterson, and watches his videos. i was a bit taken aback as Peterson is definitely not a Leftie and no friend of SJWs. And yet his huge Canadian cock had reached across the Atlantic and penetrated the brain of a Geordie SJW. Formidable.

Likewise with the Sour Elf. When i got to know her a few months ago she was a full-on Alt-Lite civic nationalist who i alarmed with my racist metaphysical rants. She is now beginning to realise that the Alt-Lite have nothing concrete to offer, just endless waffling about tolerance and free speech.

You don’t need bloodless waffles, you need steak, steak with ketchup. You need the Sturmstache.

7. Democracy and tolerance have led us to this dread pass, to the loss of Western Europe to Islam and the eternal enemy. My hope is that when the Religion of Peace is running door to door raping the women and children, beheading the men

and the police only come to arrest natives for “hate speech”, that the Europeans will turn decisively against democracy, against tolerance, against “progress”. The revulsion against the whole of modernity will be so widespread and so violent as to utterly destroy so-called democracy and any belief in a glorious future and progress. Even the flabby whites of today’s Europe will realise that human nature is essentially base and vile, and that they require firm leadership – not elected of Man. The new overlords will be men of the ‘stache, they will be Tom Selleck; they will be Bronson; they will be Enoch Powell.

1. Just saw Thor: Ragnarok, i believe the third of a standalone trilogy. The first Thor film was okay, the second i quit about 10 minutes in, but the trailer for Ragnarok seemed so Flash Gordony i wondered if it might be watchable, and behold it is. Overall i thought it a good popcorn film, which sounds shit but relative to most such films it rather shines.

2. It really is extremely 80s, which is obviously a good thing. The plot, as far as i could judge, is: horned monster gets beaten by Thor, Thor’s sister Galadriel appears and kills people, Thor ends up with Loki in Flash Gordon, meets the Hulk, Jeff Goldblum plays a devious amusing Jewish overlord, Thor and the others beat down Galadriel and the film ends. The best bit by far is the Flash Gordon act – a full-on 80s deviation – which is happily a good hour of the film. Someone did a remake of the trailer using 80s images:

i’d read/seen reviews accusing it of needlessly inserting jokes into every single scene. It is indeed full of gags but i would say it is so full as to be a comedy with incidental superhero/mythic decor. It could have been much darker: they could have explored family animosity, Bruce Banner’s horror at finding he’s spent the last 2 years as a tiny voice at the back of the Hulk’s “mind”; the destruction of an entire world. But instead it’s a comedy. i think if you take it as a comedy it works very well – Chris Hemsworth is surprisingly good at comedy, rather like The Golden One. Here’s a sample – it’s even more amusing if you imagine Thor as The Golden One and Loki as Styxhexenhammer666:

i think this will be the future for good superhero films – to frame the story as something other than a superhero film, and use the genre conventions as background; as Nolan did with especially the last two Batman films (i would see them as Alt-Right philosophical drama/thrillers which just happen to feature superheroes/villains).

3. i had my cavils of course. The only Valkyrie character is black. About 10% of the extras in Asgard are black. Oi, blacks, get your own mythology, you weren’t 10% of the Scandinavian population until your politicians decided to make Sweden the second rape capital of the world and imported you en masse. And then there is Heimdallr. Snorri refers to him as hvíti áss, the white god (Gylfaginning 27). Here’s what he looks like in the films:

And when i think of Valkyries this is not what comes to mind:

But hey it’s 2018. i don’t find Heimdall too obnoxious but the “Valkyrie’s” female smugness grates – it’s the same all-knowing, women kick ass dude! smarmy superiority one finds in the women of Peaky Blinders, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, actually virtually every TV show or film that’s come out in the last two decades.

4. The film as a whole is an odd blend of sci-fi, superheroes, Political Correctness, and myth, so you have a negro Valkyrie “manning” a gun turret on a space ship. The PC stuff aside, i found it pleasingly bonkers. You have the giant Surtr destroying Asgard as a space ship departs:

the Hulk fighting Fenris, and Jeff Goldblum playing a kind of, well, uh, Hollywood executive.

i think it could even have been a very good film by utterly jettisoning the action superhero genre and going into totally insane 80s territory. They should have just forgotten the plot and ended the film abruptly with a 80s dance-off featuring John Travolta and Cyndi Lauper.

5. There was one surprisingly true mythic moment, where Thor is being pummeled to death by the Hulk and has a vision of Odin:

after which his powers as God of Thunder manifest

i imagine the scriptwriters are wholly ignorant of Odin’s nature and the initiation-through-near-death recorded in the Hávamál. i found it shocking; for a moment a real initiatory truth was revealed, amidst this jolly Hollywood fluff. Perhaps that is the nature of the archetype, that if one considers or depicts the old stories & gods, truth tends to spontaneously manifest. For this reason i’m not angry that they traduce the old stories; they may, in spite of themselves, lead a few to investigate the original account; to realise that Heimdallr was not black, that Valkyries were not smug negresses; but that Odin can speak to those who pass beyond ordinary mortality.

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