1. Via Vox Day, we learn that science is often fraudulent. It doesn’t surprise me to learn that researchers can manipulate statistics (and statistical analysis) and outright fake results if they are suitably funded, or if for example they would lose their jobs by telling the truth. “Researchers have found” means little without a detailed look at the experimental & analytical methodology.

My own approach is thus: if a supposedly scientific study matches my personal experience, and the stories i’ve heard from others, i assume it is correct; if it deviates a little i think it over; if it is wildly at odds with my personal experience, and the study was funded by bad people, or is cried up in the mainstream media, i assume it is fake. For example: let’s say the Guardian runs a story:

Africans smarter than Europeans, study finds.

A new scientific study has established that the average IQ of African-descended subjects is 102 – two points higher than that of European counterparts.

“This should give racists and neo-Nazis pause,” said Professor Saul Rosenberg of the Soros Institute.

And then it turns out they tested ten African students in Ivy League STEM postgrad departments, and ten whites they found in a Detroit Walmart.

2. Modern education seems primarily focused on creating a class of ignorant midwits who use what little intelligence they possess to ignore the evidence of their senses. The greater their mental acrobatics, the more intelligent they deem themselves; the less they are able to simply see what is there for all to see.

Chinese girls had crippled feet; and were deemed beautiful. Chinese bureaucrats cultivated ridiculously long fingernails; their inability to do manual work was taken as evidence of their higher status. In our age, fabulous ignorance is a mark of especial distinction – it shows how smart you are.

3. i was watching the Croatia/Russia football game and began to wonder if it was fixed, as first the Croat goalkeeper seemed to injure himself for no reason, and then suddenly seemed okay; and another player walked off, looking fine but apparently unable to play. Although Croatia won in the end, i was wondering, How would you fix a football game? Of course you could just command the players to lose but i think that would be too obvious. It might be better, and easier, to persuade one or two players to feign injuries and leave the team undermanned. i think the elite have a similar approach to democracy: they could just totally ignore the vote, Middle East-style, and as long as times are good no one will care; as long as there is no widespread, determined violence against the elites, they can ignore protests.

However, instead they attempt to preserve the old facade. True, it is implausible; and it is increasingly evident that the elites want a one-world government, the white race destroyed, (Sunni) Islam, a low-IQ population; yet instead of simply declaring “shut up you peasants” they actually have elections and so on. A substantial part of the mainstream media is propaganda disseminating not merely lies and misrepresentations but also reassuring the midwits that they are smart, that Trump is a buffoon and an oaf and all smart people hate him, that our governments represent the people and all is well, but we need to vote the right way, i.e. for candidates firmly in the globalist pockets.

Recent events: David Davis and Boris Johnson quit the Cabinet as May attempts a “Brexit” deal which would be worse than no deal at all. i think that the Cabal, though influencing almost all politicians and journalists & business leaders, only closely control a small number. Just as a fair number of CIA or FBI men presumably joined, 25-odd years ago, because they wanted to protect & serve, i doubt most politicians chose this path in order to become puppets of an international paedophile cabal. My guess is, the Cabal look for compromised individuals, get footage of them with children, as leverage for future actions; and because i would suppose most of the Cabal are paedophiles, they favour their kind. Just some articles i’ve come across in the last few days:

Sexual predator Cardinal McCarrick seems to have acted as one of Bergoglio’s promoters.

New Zealand elites: “would recruit the innocent… share them around like a box of beer, consume every last drop and discarding the empty vessels into the gutter, soulless, cold and broken.”

Like a lot of CDAN’s posts, this is horrible (if true): “M’s spouse is very old so people are worried that she has not made any plans to not release it when she dies. Apparently this recording discusses many world leaders and titans of industry who all had their own young boys or girls from this country they abused.”

4. The inner circle (paedophiles & “Satanists”) cannot openly proclaim themselves and expect the support of even Leftist normies – though they have tried to normalise their vices of late.


Thus, they recruit from within the paedophile circle, but control the others through bribes and threats; and they in turn control the masses through propaganda and the facade of democracy.

i see two dangers for the Cabal: that when times are hard the masses will revolt; and that even their venal and rapacious servants might recoil from raping and murdering hundreds of children, or from starting a nuclear war with Russia (after all, how much room is there, in the bunkers?). Were i a middle-aged CIA functionary, however corrupt & amoral, i wouldn’t feel entirely comfortable as i wonder, – Did my masters plan a nuclear war against Russia? Would there be space for me in a bunker? Or will I be at my desk eating a doughnut and reading the New York Times when a cruise missile hits the building?

Whether the Cabal planned to destroy both the US and Russia, or to destroy only the long-hated Russia (and hide out in New Zealand bunkers till all was over), my guess is that Putin was aware of the plan and his 1 March 2018 address was his way of saying “it won’t be as easy as all that”; especially if someone gave him the locations of Cabal hideouts and some hard-hitting Ivans are lurking in your back garden with a can of borscht and a sharpened spade:

It was known for some time now that Russian Navy was already deploying a revolutionary M=8 capable 3M22 Zircon anti-shipping missile. As impressive and virtually uninterceptable by any air defenses the Zircon is, the Kinzhal is simply shocking in its capabilities. This, most likely based on the famed Iskander airframe, M=10+ capable, highly maneuverable, aero-ballistic missile with a range of 2000 kilometers, carried by MiG-31BMs, just rewrote the book on naval warfare. It made large surface fleets and combatants obsolete. No, you are not misreading it. No air-defense or anti-missile system in the world today (maybe with the exception of the upcoming S-500 specifically designed for the interception of hyper-sonic targets) is capable of doing anything about it, and, most likely, it will take decades to find the antidote. More specifically, no modern or perspective air-defense system deployed today by any NATO fleet can intercept even a single missile with such characteristics. A salvo of 5-6 such missiles guarantees the destruction of any Carrier Battle Group or any other surface group, for that matter–all this without use of nuclear munitions.

The usage of such a weapon, especially since we know now that it is deployed already in Russia’s Southern Military District is very simple–the most likely missile drop spot by MiG-31s will be in the international waters of the Black Sea, thus closing off the whole Eastern Mediterranean to any surface ship or group of ships. Russia can also close off the Persian Gulf completely.

5. If the Apocalypse was scheduled for soon after Hillary’s victory, the hordes of military-age Muslims hustled into Europe in 2015/2016 make a little more sense – imagine a nuclear war between Russia and the US, a total economic collapse, and a million Jamals with machetes in the middle of Europe, and one gets an idea of the plan: the total destruction of Europe and of all that stands in the way of the Cabal, and of the Cabal’s masters (non-physical, malevolent intelligences).

If i were the Cabal i would stop coming up with these fanciful plans and retire to a nice cottage in the country, perhaps in the Cotswolds or Somerset, get some dogs, and start smoking pipes, maybe learn to bake pies and then send them to poor old elberry.


Nothing more to say.
No more ace to play.

1. Anonymous Conservative writes of Scott Pruitt being harassed by a shaven-head school teacher who kept looking at her phone for instructions:

Notice also, she is taking orders through her cell phone. For most people, the idea of someone following someone else, and taking orders through an app on their cell phone might seem inconsequential, but for others, it will be highly, highly significant. Coordinating follows, on the scale they are conducted today, with as many operators as there are in the civilian network that has been assembled, could be an immense technical vulnerability if you are using regular radio frequencies. A simple scanner could reveal the extent of the operations, even if comms were encrypted. But if you bury your communications in the regular data streams of text messages and 4G internet activity, suddenly it becomes a lot more difficult to parse out how much coordinating communications there are passing through the air in an area.

Interesting also, is that this kinda-skanky, angry-looking tattoo’d chick, with the side of her head shaved, (itself significant as well) is a teacher at the prestigious Sidwell-Friends private school which Malia and Sasha Obama attended. You wonder how someone of her countenance would be selected over someone more traditional in appearance.

However, if you have an unofficial, pseudo-domestic-intel-informant, you would try to get them placed in a position to monitor the children of the most wealthy and influential, when they are most naive and vulnerable in their youth, so you could begin amassing files on them before those kids went out into the world with all the connections and money to attain high positions in society. 

and a day before, regarding Eric Trump helping a woman:

I know his security is top notch, but if I am his security and a woman just happens to fall ill in his path, I am hustling him out of the area as quickly as possible. In that position, nothing that happens should be assumed to just have happened. It should be assumed to be a ploy to keep him in one place for as long as possible.

My thought, regarding ET, was: it could be coincidence; or a pre-op probe, to see how Eric Trump and his detail act. My guess is that with the NSA now (apparently) loyalist Artartes, it would be difficult to assassinate Trump/Pence/Mattis, since such a high-level operation would require substantial support networks, reconnaissance, possible infiltration, high-grade weaponry – difficult to organise without the God Emperor’s sniffers picking up the trail. How many competent killers would be willing to get close enough to the God Emperor beloved of all & guarded by Marines

and the NSA (et alia).

2. JFK’s mistake was to believe he was invulnerable; he (apparently) warned the Cabal of his intent to “splinter the C.I.A. in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds”. He had a dobermann

He had style and if Gore Vidal is to be believed, he actually read books

plus he inspired a great film (probably not that accurate, but great film-making). However, he telegraphed his moves. He died; his family have drawn the heat.

(E missing).

3. Pruitt apparently just resigned/was fired. Yesterday, this:

The Democrats/Cabal are most likely choked & unable to organise a professional hit; so they are trying to stir up grassroots lone wolf attacks. Maybe Pruitt also received Cabal threats and decided “fuck this”. My guess is there will be more attacks on non-Cabal figures as on Rand Paul, Steve Scalise, Katie Arrington, until the network is rolled up. But even MK Ultra/carhack attacks leave traces.

The Left/Cabal are hoping to stir up the sheep to attack, but sheep are sheep, not wolves. They attack only en masse, against isolated individuals who show clear signs of weakness.

My guess is, there will be widespread light harassment, perhaps a grassroots murder or two, but no serious organic trouble; the Leftist/Cabal attacks will be almost entirely manufactured & organised, funded by e.g. Soros. The Cabal have lost the keys to violence & suppression. And if it comes to street brawling:

4. They still control the mainstream media, which means they control the coastal elites who passively believe whatever flatters their sense of innate superiority & virtue over those vile working class whites & Christians (Americans). However, even a million New York blue-haired cat ladies can’t do much outside of Facebook & Tumblr. Thus, this daily harassment could be just a “dead cat bounce” as Q would say.

For too long, conservatives have “fought the long defeat” (Tolkien):

The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent mistakes from being corrected. Even when the revolutionist might himself repent of his revolution, the traditionalist is already defending it as part of his tradition. Thus we have two great types — the advanced person who rushes us into ruin, and the retrospective person who admires the ruins. (Chesterton)

A decade ago i was of this kind, a sad-faced old man in tweed mourning the West. In my actual middle age i now embrace revolutionary traditionalism, the Sturmstache, and the spirit of the God Emperor beloved of all.


1. Styxhexenhammer666 has repeatedly claimed that companies’ only motivation is money; hence, mainstream media run hit pieces on Youtubers to (try to) get rid of the competition; hence, Starbucks et al. virtue-signal, believing it will attract more customers & hence increase profits. Even in a single human being, motivations tend to be multifarious & sometimes conflicting; so, in an organisation?

Virtue signaling seems generally ruinous for companies, e.g. Disney, Starbucks. Why, then, do they persist? They could simply be following Cabal marching orders, but given these companies have many investors, such blatant self-sabotage makes little sense. My feeling is that as like attracts like, so places like New York and California exert a centripetal pull on degenerates, paedophiles, Satanists, and all who hate the West; and a centrifugal push drives out the normal and the good – and the greater the former, the less the latter want to live there; and it is probably similar in converged organisations like Disney or Google.

Humans beings are mostly social creatures – almost no one could today survive without the cooperation of others, so we are always considering the opinions & approval of our peers & associates; there is an almost physical resistance to defying received wisdom – it takes a degree of Kurtz-style wilfulness, bordering on insanity. Thus, those who perceive an imminent or actual paradigm shift are usually a little on the strange side. i think that even while the Starbucks and Disney executives watch their profits slipping away, they don’t know how to stop; they cannot bring themselves to say, “maybe normal people don’t want Leftist propaganda shoved down their throats”.

They don’t want to be the first to stop clapping.

2. The God Emperor’s assault on the Cabal and their minions is political, military, and memetic. Up to Trump, the mainstream right were generally afraid to dissent from the Leftist narrative; they would at least weakly clap along even if they knew that e.g. the brouhaha about poor children in cages is manufactured hysteria; that the pictures date from 2014; that (almost) nobody cared when predatory invaders & their children were detained under any Cabal-controlled administration.

The God Emperor is breaking this apart.

Of course the Leftist tools don’t for a moment care. They are merely looking for ammunition to use against the first uncompromised administration in three decades. What Trump is showing is that when you fold arms and refuse to clap, nothing bad happens. The Left, being totalitarians, rely on social pressure & fear, and Trump exemplifies the strong, arrogant individual; he shows that they can call you Hitler and Satan and shriek at the sky, and wear pink pussy hats, and nothing happens.

Their [the Black Riders’] peril is almost entirely due to the unreasoning fear which they inspire (like ghosts).  They have no great physical power against the fearless; but what they have, and the fear that they inspire, is enormously increased in darkness.

(letter from JRR Tolkien, June 1958)

3. If, as Q has suggested, the Cabal is a worldwide operation, my hope is that the destruction of the American groups will necessarily bring down the paedophiles in Britain, and the European Union. It looks like the American zone will be cleared by the mid-terms, so my guess is things will reach a climax this autumn.

1. Summer is always hideous. i would like a Sommerschlaf or Aestivation, to go to my broken sofabed in late May and wake up in early September. Any temperature above 25 degrees is torture to me, because i was created on the secret Nazi base in the Arctic by Oswald Spengler and i hate curry. i am therefore not overly appalled to find myself at a low ebb, full of hatred & suicidal fantasies; i am medicating myself with gin and Warhammer 40K: i’m on Legion now, a puzzling but good read, e.g. the Alpha Legion catechism:

“Men die. My men die. But this is still an Action of Compliance, or are you questioning the Emperor’s design?”

Pech shook his head. “No, lord. I appreciate that the Emperor upholds a teleological scheme for the future of man, and I will endeavour to uphold it.”

“He chases a Utopian ideal,” Herzog put in.

“He wishes to unify and perfect humanity through the intense application of martial violence,” said Pech.

“We have no quarrel with that approach,” said Herzog. “It is the only proven way man’s destiny has ever been advanced.”

“Even if Utopian goals are ultimately counterintuitive to species survival,” Pech added quickly.

“Any political ambition that is inherently impossible to achieve is ultimately corrupting,” said Herzog.

“You cannot engender, or force to be engendered, a state of perfection,” said Pech. “That line of action leads only to disaster, because perfection is an absolute that cannot be attained by an imperfect species.”

“Utopia is a dangerous myth,” said Herzog, “and only a fool would chase it.”

“It is better to manage and maintain the flaws of man on an ongoing basis,” said Pech.

“We say this only to recognise the blood debt of the Imperial Army, that suffers and dies, resolutely, in the pursuit of that goal,” said Herzog.

There was a long silence, just as the blades began to batter the shields again, Alpharius said, “I encourage my men to explore the philosophy of bloodshed, lord. I like them to understand the intellectual structure that informs their killing. The Emperor, my love and my life, seeks to set mankind in place as the uppermost species of the galaxy. I will not dispute that ambition, neither will my captains. We simply recognise the pro-crustean methods with which he enforces that dream. A Utopian ideal is a fine thing to chase, and to measure one’s achievements against. But it cannot, ultimately, be achieved.”

2. i have to read Warhammer, surrounded as i am by NPCs. Mercifully, my Chosen (Milena) is a Slav and so mildly red-pilled; indeed she baked this for me on June 14, the birthday of the God Emperor beloved by all:

She reads Thomas Bernhard; she has ocean eyes & gold perihelion, sunburst.

i often feel isolated, surrounded by normie colleagues who think Trump is like literally Hitler and borders are like racist…? but on the other hand this very isolation may be useful. i was thinking of the Professor, after i recommended one of his books to a student who then bought it. The Professor is intelligent but nonetheless predictably lambasted me on every encounter, in every communication, as Hitler, as a Nazi, as the Gestapo, as the SS, as Satan, and has spouted the most absurd gibberish, e.g. “America is the greatest torture/execution apparatus in human history” (i said “China executes thousands more people per year” and he looked aggressively unhappy and then angrily pronounced “that’s only because America has brainwashed everyone so it doesn’t need to execute them!”). He is an intelligent person who accused me of “rhetoric” and “allegory” in almost every communication i suffered, but his “arguments” are almost entirely rhetorical. He was born in the 40s, never worked outside of academia, and was a typical gay product of the degenerate 60s; while he worked at Durham (a conservative university) my guess is that at that time the Western academic atmosphere was one of anti-Western resentment, hatred of whites, heterosexuality, Christianity, tradition, meaning, and being a homosexual he naturally swam in those currents, all the while thinking himself a brave rebel for standing up to the non-existent Nazis. When i consider my own ideological isolation, i think perhaps it is for the best; while most of my students are sick of the post-WW2 propaganda, they are at best purple-pilled, and my colleagues are largely blue-pill mangina Leftists and pussy-mad-hatters: i have no current within which to passively swim. There is absolutely no comfort to be found in my position; most people think my opinions monstrous, and only give me a pass because i’m a darkie.

3. i heard somewhere that internal intelligence services would sometimes break into dissidents’ flats and rearrange the furniture, to instill a sense of paranoia and then insanity. “Osip! Your desk was always there!” i am old & vicious enough to trust my judgements but it is nonetheless weird, to be surrounded by people who think the Mockingbird Media are objective & true, and anything else is a conspiracy theory.

i’ve been pondering the Russia collusion narrative. At first i thought the Democrats & their bought media were pushing it as a cover for Seth Rich’s assassination.

…but then, his murder (watch & wallet untouched in a “robbery”) like the suicides of Bourdain, Kate Spade, Inés Zorreguieta, may have been intended as a message to others. But of late, i’ve been wondering. It seems that the Cabal – or at least part thereof – had the plan of detonating a nuclear weapon and via the Clinton Uranium 1 deal pinning it on Russia; war ensues; both US and Russia governments destroyed; Cabal take control, possibly through the utterly corrupt UN. It seems absolutely fokcen insane but then, i tend to think that anything that a human being can imagine, a human being will plot. For the open border, multicultural globalist elite, any strong nation is a threat. Better to have a partially radioactive planet over which one can rule from, e.g. New Zealand, than a relatively healthy planet of sovereign nations, i suppose. And perhaps the plan was to destroy only Washington, Moscow, and leave the rest intact.

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: e7b971 No.1248119 📁
Define the terms of the Iran nuclear deal.
Does the agreement define & confine cease & desist ‘PRO’ to the republic of Iran?
What if Iran created a classified ‘satellite’ Nuclear facility in Northern Syria?
What if the program never ceased?
What other bad actors are possibly involved?
Did the U.S. know?
Where did the cash payments go?
How many planes delivered?
Did all planes land in same location?
Where did the U1 material end up?
Is this material traceable?
Define cover.
What if U1 material ended up in Syria?
What would be the primary purpose?
In the movie, where did the material come from?
What country?
What would happen if Russia or another foreign state supplied Uranium to Iran/Syria?
What does U1 provide?
Define cover.
Why did we strike Syria?
Why did we really strike Syria?
Define cover.
Patriots in control.


4. Whether the entire Cabal were on board with this plan, or whether it was merely one of many possible plans, i wouldn’t be surprised if Putin was rather inclined to look a gift horse in the mouth, being as he is Putin.

The advantage of Putin’s background, i wager, is a level of suspicion & analysis apt for international politics. Offer him 20% of the US uranium in return for 145 million dollars, and he probably thinks “that’s pretty cheap, tovarisch!” and then “what do you really want?” He’s obviously a ruthless Alpha Legion Mentat; and beneath the surface of press statements and diplomacy i wouldn’t be surprised if he has been in touch with Q-org for years. My feeling, as i wrote earler, is that the Cabal rigged the US voting machines, and Q quietly unrigged them, hence smirking statements from Cabal-owned assets like George Clooney “there’s not going to be a President Trump”. i doubt Russia was more than tangentially-involved in the US election (any major foreign power will interfere), but i suspect the Cabal (and the lower orders thereof) knew or guessed Russia was coordinating with the loyalist Astartes we know as Q.

5. As i wrote a year ago, were i the Cabal i would feel profoundly uncomfortable to know that a man like Donald Trump is on board with some of the finest living military intelligence officers (+ domestic); i would feel even more discomfited to think of John Bolton and Putin on the Q train. You don’t have to be an upstanding good human being to think, Actually I don’t want to be annihilated in a nuclear war. This is the God Emperor’s genius: as long as you get on board and support the human race, welcome; and if not,


i feel dispirited and extremely keen on an escape from “teaching” English. It’s a largely pointless clown job for failures & degenerates. i just gave up a JobCentre class after a fat Slovak retard announced she was going to complain about me, because i’m unmotivated & shit. McLingua would always take the students’ side – no matter how insane & absurd – because the “teachers” are just losers dragged in off the streets and paid less than toilet cleaners, and the students are customers, even if they’re not paying. i tried to do a good job with this class but it’s impossible to teach them anything, and i lack the stamina for utterly pointless, worthless labour (one reason i never wanted to become a school teacher); especially since i’m paid less than i would need to live, if i had real health insurance & a pension.

Germany is probably one of the hardest countries for TEFL/ESL, as Germans are largely taciturn and love to complain and criticise. i feel i’m useless at teaching and would love to quit and do something else, something better, but alas can’t think of anything i can do – lacking any useful skills, qualifications, or experience. i’ve been thinking of applying for a contract job in some vile hot desert country – in Germany it’s almost impossible to get a contract job as a “teacher”; it would however mean abandoning most of the books, waistcoats, etc. i’ve accumulated in the last 9 years, as of course i couldn’t afford to ship anything (i have 300 Euros in my bank and now i’ve given up the JobCentre class i’m earning less than i need to survive, and that’s presuming none of my other students cancel – and they always do).

i tried & failed to make money doing stuff online. Online teaching pays next to nothing (by German standards); i can’t get work editing as i look shit compared to journalists/writers who offer their services for less than i would make working for McLingua. i am incapable of selling myself, because there is nothing to sell; many women have accused me of self-sabotage, but it’s simply that self-advertisement makes me feel an immediate physical disgust, and so i could never convincingly big myself up, whether in writing or in person. So, it’s impossible for me to compete with professional, elbow-thrusting women.

i started thinking about retraining but i’m 42 and have no money, am utterly useless at computers or mathematics, i.e. anything that would lead to a job. Also, i hate offices.

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions:

Via Davis Aurini i discovered Cobra Kai.

i saw The Karate Kid at some point in my pre-teen years and of course wanted to join a dojo and administer severe beatings to all & sundry, however my father (being incredibly mean) didn’t want to spend any money so said “eghh well listen egghhhh it is TOO DANGEROUS egh!” so instead i just started fantasizing about genocide and the white ethnostate, which leads me to 2018 and i’m drunk and listen to Aurini’s video (while playing World of Tanks) and think “a TV sequel to Karate Kid, with the same characters only 34 years on, this sounds like a real hoot” and since the first two episodes are free on Youtube i sat me down, expecting to be mildly disappointed as is generally the way of things. But i was looking forward to seeing the filthy greaser Daniel Larusso and the Aryan Hitler Youth hector Johnny Lawrence 34 years on, even if of course played by other actors.

It is fokcen amazing. The script is taut, amusing, with fine control of plot threads & character development; the dialogue is good; the acting very good.

My first shock: Larusso and Lawrence are played by Ralph Macchio and William Zabka – the originals.



2018 Johnny is a man very much out of time. Perhaps it is consequent upon profound defeat; perhaps one becomes stuck at the point of failure, preserved in amber. He has no idea what Facebook is; the idea of online harassment is baffling to him. After drunkedly beating down some high school bullies (when they throw their greaser victim onto his parked car) he becomes an accidental sensei to all the school victims. His pep talk to Eli, a student with a cleft lip:

Johnny: Lip has something he wants to say. Sorry, speak up, Lip. Or is your tongue messed-up too? Are you one of those challenged kids?

Eli: Um, the doctor said I could be on the spectrum.

Johnny: I don’t know what that is, but get off it pronto. If you don’t want me to call you Lip, then don’t have a weird lip. Can’t you get surgery for that?

Eli: I was born with a cleft lip. This is the scar from the surgery.

Johnny: You mean it was worse before that? Or did the doctor just screw up? Because if this is the after photo, that sucks, man. You should sue.

He openly and casually admits to bullying students at school – always face to face. He is a natural Alpha who grew up in the golden age before the Left utterly corrupted the centres of power (90s). He is crass, vulgar, swaggering, Aryan. He protec / but he also attac


He is a man of the 80s. He is a man of American greatness. He is a man who will enjoy his simple hedonist life until circumstances force him to take a stand, on behalf of America.

Johnny Lawrence is Donald Trump.

1. Rather bizarrely, growing my Sturmstache has made me into some kind of gangster pimp. i can hardly walk down the street without Muslims exploding in admiration and women ripping their fine garments asunder for me to behold their voluptuous charms. i am frankly at a loss to explain it. i personally think the ‘stache just makes me look dour and hate-filled and old, and since i feel dour and hate-filled and old i rather like it. For me, the ‘stache is a way of saying “i can no longer even pretend to be young. i am old as fuck and i want to murder all coloured people, and most white people, also i want to bomb the entire Middle East and Africa, and Asia (except Japan and Korea) because i don’t like hot countries, and U2 are shit.”

But behold, i went into McLingua and was hailed thus by California Jesus: “Elberry my man, pimping it baby, pimping, you pimp gangsta!”

And Toddball, referring to the Arbeitsamt studentesses who (allegedly) want to romp with me on my broken sofabed: “you looking fucking dashing with that fucking ‘stache bro.”

2. i am in two minds. Obviously, the ‘stache stays. But what manner of ‘stache is this? Is it a hate-filled ‘stache, a stache of Rage, or a stache of Love? i asked Milena, my Chosen among the Arbeitsamt hotties, and she just looked wry and later tried to tell me the ‘stache pricks her when i become Amorous, but unfortunately her Czech-English dictionary translated the Czech for “to prick” as “to fuck” which naturgemäs merely encouraged me to grow the ‘stache to Nietzschean, hedge-like proportions  – much to her dismay.

When i look at women, do i regard them with love or with rage? As is often the case, The God Emperor has provided a clue.

There is the God Emperor, looking divine as ever. There is Shinzō Abe looking like “i’m with Trump actually”. There is a hideous old bag who looks like a sack of Stasi turnips. And – wait – something else – there is – a – a – could it be? – a – a – a – STURMSTACHE

By God that’s a ‘stache. The God Emperor could not have found a better prop for this phase of the War – having this grumpy looking professorial chap in the background is like casually pulling a rabid dobermann out of your pocket mid-interview and patting it on the head and saying things like “are you hungry? Would you like to feast on manflesh? No no no, just wait, i’ll feed you when we get home. Oh, you can’t wait?”

3. Now that the God Emperor has dealt with North Korea, he will presumably turn his full attentions to Iran as promised. It has been on the table for over 6 months.


Judging from the Saudi Arabia coup, and North Korea, the God Emperor’s approach to Iran won’t be one of aerial bombardment à la Bush, or “colour revolution”  à la Obama, but either persuade one faction to depose the rulers, or make a deal with the rulers to oust the Cabal. It is typical of Trump to use whatever tools lie to hand – Rex Tillotson, John Bolton – until they are no longer apt.

If my reading of Q is correct, tomorrow (June 14) will be a big day. Sessions will stir. i think in some sense Saudi Arabia and North Korea needed to be cleared from the table before the Swamp could be publicly drained – presumably, a matter of isolating one part of the network from its support/finance infrastructure. Again, if i read Q aright, things will accelerate to a denouement before the mid-terms, in time for the Remembrance Day Parade on 11 November 2018. There will be spates of celebrity/political suicides; the victims will have a predilection for Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, pizza, and have many involvements with the Clinton Foundation.

4. The God Emperor’s use of neo-con tools like Bolton is typical: those who offer loyalty will be spared; those who defy His will, annihilated. This has been planned, i would venture (for occult reasons), since late 2012, by military intelligence officers and men like Mattis. What we are seeing unfold now is, as Q says, a script; a script that was developed over 4 years before filming truly began. Actors were chosen. Locations were scouted. When i ask, Why? – i think the answer is, the evil of the Cabal was of such enormity that it provoked a response. Just as a source of goodness & truth will attract the special attentions of evil (for example, the utter corruption of Western universities), so the centres of evil provoke even relatively normal men to take up opposing arms. It is one thing to see e.g. the elites hustling in millions of 3rd Worlders to secure a Statist vote block and cheap labour – in such a case one could just shrug & sigh and move to a 100% white area; it’s something else to realise that any atrocity people can imagine – no matter how vile & dark – has been and is being performed by the elites, precisely because it is vile & dark, and thus a mark of especial favour in their own eyes, the illegality & immorality of the act a kind of distinction in the moral sumptuary laws – like wearing fine silks when all else are in sackcloth & filth (Satanically speaking); and it’s again something else to realise they are at least thinking about funneling uranium to create a false flag nuclear attack.

In such a case, you wouldn’t even need to be an especially upstanding human being to consider a counter-coup. Evil provokes good.

The polarising effect of evil – and the evil of Obama, the Clintons, not to mention most of the British establishment – and the great evil that lies behind such public faces – has i think forced some to consider the nature of their Oath, and their allegiance. The window of opportunity was visibly narrowing in late 2012 and then, i think, men like Mattis used their training, their experience, their traditions, to take action.

1. Feel weary & fascistic as usual in summer. i wanted to visit the Man in Black to watch the World Cup on his Finnish Black Sun Sofa but realised it would wipe out everything i saved in the last 6 months. Oh well, i thought, at least i am saving some money, or rather chipping away at my huge credit card debt (mostly incurred in the 6 months of unemployment in Kiel), then the Finanzamt demanded everything i have and now i’m back to stage one again. This is despite having a nearly-full schedule, having no pension, no real health insurance, rarely taking holidays, and being relatively careful with what money i have – no matter how much i work, how little i spend, i always end up either having to use my credit card for the last week of each month, or with a buffer of 100-200 Euros – typically, the random factor is my tax, for example i paid the Finanzamt their pound of Fleisch in May then thought the next bill would come in August but instead i got another bill earlier this week; it doesn’t make any sense but there it is, it seems that George Soros is sitting in his chair, laughing as he watches my pitiful finances, and when i have a good month and can have a buffer of e.g. 500 Euros in the bank he presses a button and the Finanzamt send me a letter demanding 500 Euros.

2. As happens once or twice a year, typically in summer, i’m thinking about leaving Germany and trying to get a better-paid TEFL job, which means Japan, South Korea, or the Middle East. i am giving semi-serious consideration to the M.E. just for the humour value – having to live in a compound wouldn’t make that much difference to me, as long as i have books and gin and tobacco, and i could do it for a few years i suppose; the only problem would be the doxing threat – if (or rather when) i am doxed, it would put an end to my blogging, at least on anything personal, and i would probably delete most or even all of this blog (though since most of my colleagues are close to illiterate and most of my students can’t read anything in English it wouldn’t be too bad); however, i doubt the Polizei would visit me since almost no one reads my blog and Germany is in most ways a freer society than the UK (i taught at one large company where i heard one of the Board members singing in German, and my student said “he makes this always, they are songs from the old times” and me: “like, uh, Nazi songs?” and he nodded with a shrug); but i dare say it could lead to my disappearance in e.g. Saudi Arabia; and given my habit of making enemies (feminists, self-proclaimed anarchists, UN apparatchiks, champagne socialists, Southron dabbler apple polishers, Antifa, schizophrenics, Muslims, people who like Berlin, vegans, Californians, women) i imagine there’s someone out there who would delight to imagine me locked up in a Saudi prison for 50 years.

3. If they let me keep blogging, however, it might actually be worth it; it would make a great blogging series: elberry moves to Saudi Arabia; elberry teaches Jihaddists; elberry doxed; elberry arrested; elberry resumes blogging from within his prison cell, which he shares with a 300 lb rapist called Mohammed; elberry’s new blogging focus switches from Germanity and teaching and Trump to how not to get raped by Mohammed; elberry becomes a boss in prison; elberry leads the revolution to overthrow the entire Middle East with his army of rapists.


i’m doing yet another edit of Vocations. It seems almost perfect already but since there’s no deadline, and there will be almost no readers, i see no reason to self-publish until i can read it from start to end without a single quibble. And i am a quibbling sort of man. i’m focusing on the play Caliban and the temp memoir 4.5 as the rest (aphorisms, short stories, verse) are more or less fine.

Months ago it was mostly typos or inconsistencies; now it’s a matter of rewriting passages which are okay but a bit flat, or hokey: they feel somehow inauthentic, reflexive. i wrote the first draft of Caliban and 4.5 at speed and am now paying the price. At university, when i generally wrote under time constraints, i found my prose more alliterative, rhythmic, glib, the faster i wrote. It could explain something of Jack Kerouac’s style, in contrast to Alastair MacLeod.

AM: When I’m actually writing, I write a single sentence at a time, and then I read it aloud. It’s like the old Perrine textbook, Sound and Sense. Like any writer of fiction, I need to give information, but I try to relay it in a creative and sound-conscious way. Prose needs to aspire to something more than declarative sentences. I hesitate to say that it should express itself in a beautiful manner because that might seem pompous, but that’s the general idea.

Kerouac typed at speed (though he edited a lot more than he would admit); MacLeod i believe handwrote extremely slowly and didn’t edit at all. Here’s an odd picture of Kerouac with a pipe (hard to imagine him smoking anything which would require patience but it looks like he has a liquid breakfast to help him out):

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