i was planning to meet a friend in the Olympia Einkaufszentrum (ghastly shopping mall) on Monday. Someone just shot the place up. This is just to say that i’m not only not dead, i wasn’t anywhere near it, i’ve been in Chateau Elberry a good 20 km outside Munich the whole afternoon. i realise that just because i live in the neighbourhood doesn’t mean i’m likely to be dead but i also realise one’s natural response to hearing of the enrichments of multiculturalism and the religion of peace is to wonder if anyone you know in the area is dead.

i dare say the attacker wasn’t white, and quite possibly shouted something, something like, well, you can judge, but it begins with an “A”, and he’s probably from a country receiving rather more sun than Germany, and i wouldn’t be too shocked to hear he’s a devotee of the religion of peace. Of course i could be wrong, but i am sure that:

1. The media and government will say we need strict gun laws, even though the attacker probably obtained an illegal firearm.

2. The media and government will say it has nothing to do with Islam, even if the attacker is called Mohammed Al-Jihad and declares his allegiance to Islam.

3. The media and government will blame it on:

i) Britain voting to leave the EU

ii) Donald Trump

iii) Putin

iv) The white man

4. The media and government will say they fear for the safety of Muslims. If they can find a story about a Muslim being insulted or attacked, they will run this so it eclipses the deaths of several white people, and then call for repressive measures against any party remotely to the so-called “right”.

5. It will happen again, and again, and again.



1. Oulu is, much like Kassel and my hometown Huddersfield, a medium-sized modernist dreariness, surrounded by countryside, though thank god not as multiculturally-enriched as Huddersfield (rife with Pakistani and black: pimps, drug dealers, dolescum, rapists, and gangsters, not to speak even of our white chavs) or Kassel now (swarming with Merkel Muslims; naturally, rape and assaults are suddenly now normal, but hey, there’s a war in Syria, what are you, a NAZI????). i saw a few Africans and sand peoples in Oulu, but they lacked the vicious swagger and evident criminality of the English variety, perhaps because they are at present vastly outnumbered by the white man; and unlike in Germany or Sweden, a good many Finnish men look like the cast of Vikings, bearded cold-eyed killers.


The Muslim, in my experience, are generally cowards, hence most of the Merkel sex attacks have been against small boys and girls, or thirty Muslims against one or two German women; though to be fair i doubt you could find many rapists who would take on a woman of brawn, one-on-one; but then rape seems the norm among the sand peoples and the religion of peace, less so among the civilised white devil.

When last in Oulu, i was amused that a late-teens African with guitar strapped to his back asked me & the Man in Black for directions; the MIB cordially and helpfully gave directions, and then answered my querying look, – That was one of the acceptable ones. Besides, he had a guitar, so he was artistic.

Generally bland as Oulu is, it is nonetheless by the sea, and so there is lots of water:

oulu 2016 (12)

and a few old wood buildings, mostly serving as a kind of Finnish Disneyland amidst the concrete monstrosities of modernity, because it is, after all, the current year:

oulu 2016 (81)

oulu 2016 (9)

In one such wooden shack, i found Crockett & Jones wear, a small shoe store with sherry & tea in one corner, lots of decent shoes; and went in to chat with the young chap on service (he was polishing a shoe) about leather and whatnot and whatnot. The MIB, who dresses in what i can only term peasant shoes (black of course), scowled at us, and then said, – While you were talking snob nonsense with that shoe homosexual, I was looking at his sherry.

2. As every time in Finland, i slumped with the Man in Black on his black sofa in his black living room, in the Black Wing of his black mansion, watching his black television while i gorged myself on Karelian pies and he soiled himself with black beer and long drinks, waving his functional left arm and chanting runic workings to summon more beer at which point three very pale women with black hair appeared from somewhere, bearing platters of beer and Karelian pies. As far as i could ascertain, they are his brides.

It sounds rather odd but he is, i feel fairly sure, my closest brother from my last Austrian life, and also in this life initiated me into Wednesday matters, and so our connection runs weird. His right arm was cut off in a freak photocopier/forklift truck accident at work a few years ago, and now he dedicates his life to drinking beer and watching True Detective. We watched Vares, a great Finnish detective series – usually, i loathe police & detective fictions, but this was great. Vares is a rather seedy private detective in Turku, Southwest Finland.


Generally, each episode/film comprises the following scenes:

2.1 Vares drinks with his loser friends, a failed priest who now runs a failed bookstore, and a failed writer.

2.2 Vares gets a mysterious job offer investigating some Finnish shit to do with whores.

2.3 Vares bangs some fucked-up femme fatale who the actual Vares actor is married to in real life, or the actress is a lesbian who murdered her children in real life. Vares lies on his back and the femme fatale rides him like a Finnish mule while he looks drunk.

2.4 Vares accepts a drink from his arch-nemesis, and passes out.

2.5 Vares is beaten.

2.6 Vares is saved by another arch-nemesis, who takes out the first one.

2.7 Vares is triumphant.

2.8 Vares has a drink with his loser friends.

3. We also watched some Finnish movies about degradation and bootlegging. The Man in Black, as is proper for a grotesque elder brother, taught me the following Finnish phrases:

3.1 Saatanan nullki – fucking punk!

3.11 Saatanan huora! – fucking whore!

3.2 Turpa kiinni! – shut your mouth!

3.3 Ihan sama – whatever (as in egal, or doesn’t matter)

It is strange, listening to Finnish. i have a quite capable vocabulary of Romance and Germanc languages now, a bit of Slavic and so was pretty fucking flummoxed by Finnish. When the Man in Black talked to his Dracula Brides, i listened and tried to penetrate the grammar and shift of a few centuries, without success, for Finnish is, as Basque, not beholden to Indo-European. Once or twice however:

Man in Black: There is a Finnish pie, with, what is it, taika? Anyway, fucker, you take the taika –

me: Pastry, dough?

Man in Black: Yes, but it is superior to your Zionist Masonic pastry.

In German, it is Teig. Or:

Man in Black to his Dracula Brides: [Finnish nonsense] vitsi [Finnish nonsense]

me: a joke?

Man in Black: Yes, of course. Are you stupid, you fucker?

In German, joke is Witz.

He also is given to Satanic practical jokes, for example brandishing his runic dagger in states of advanced drunkedness, threatening to stab me to death and indeed in his insobriety coming close to at least a good maiming. As he commented, leering hideously – There are often police reports where a man kills his friend or his whore or a Somalian or someone and it says, ‘a personal dispute under the influence of alcohol’. That could happen now. But you are not a Muslim so no one will care what I do to you.

4. When he could bear to leave his runic sofa, we went to various Oulu shitholes, including Snooker Time, easily the most depressing establishment i have frequented, outside of Bradford:

oulu 2016 (32)

however like erring souls transmigrating through variously shitty incarnations, we finally progressed through to the superior Graal:

oulu 2016 (44)

and to Hevimesta:

oulu 2016 (20)oulu 2016 (18)

Where they played hard rock and metal – no Coldplay, thank god, the loathsome soundtrack to much of our voyaging, persecuting us wherever we went. i would have happily gone there every night but unfortunately the Man in Black committed an occult ritual in public, cackling horribly, and we had to leave in a hurry. On the walk home i chastised him, – I liked that place, we could have gone back there. And he: – Of course we can go back. In disguise. We just need new jackets, so nobody will recognise us.

And so we returned to the sofa, where none could judge us:

oulu 2016 (83)

5. i’d wanted to see the Finnish woman who was my eldest sister in my last life – the Man in Black’s too, of course – but she was too ill to make the 2 hour bus trip from the little village where she lives as 19th Century a life as possible. In our Austrian life, i often wondered at my family, the constellations of brother & sister, which of us hated which, which could abide which, etc. These relations are more or less the same in this: the eldest sister is reclusive, musical, shy; the Man in Black is domineering, peculiar, maimed; and a third sister is now a Social Justice Warrior (then a kind of vacuous champagne socialist fascinated by the latest things). It is interesting to see what changes, and what endures, over lives. Things like musical or literary tastes usually change, but fundamental attitudes tend to persevere, so i suspect that most so-called “far-right extremists” have always at some point sensed the twining-together of the gods & traditions, valued the accumulated treasures of the past more than vulgar fashion; and most of the modern Left have probably been abused as children, developed what we call borderline/narcissistic personality disorders, or were born bipolar, and conduct lives of self-righteousness, rage, hatred, the will to destroy the world from which they came – no matter if the entire West resembles Somalia in 25 years, their own personal psychoses will be satisfied by heaps of dead white bodies. Of course, the self-righteous, the emotionally-damaged, the insane will always be with us – one cannot, unfortunately, persuade them not to reincarnate; but their power to destroy is minimised when they can, at best, gossip and pride themselves on whatever nonsense they care for; in our world, the bipolar, the borderline, the abused and insane, have almost automatic access to the levers of power in universities, the UN, the EU, every Leftist organisation and institute and committee.

England is pretty much gone into darkness already, a land of belly-patting Southron apple polishers, chavs, and Muslim rapists; the only decent folk i’ve met tended to be born before the 60s; but i take heart that at least in the Finland i have seen, Finland is still Finland. Perhaps there is something in the land itself – even in the language – which insulates it from the destruction willed by the Left. If anything survives the long night to come, it will be in pockets of European tradition; and when the Muslims have killed all the whites in Sweden, England, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, etc., and then turned on each other, and all of Europe resembles Liberia, then perhaps civilisation could begin anew from such places as Finland. i would like to fast-forward to this rebirth, because i am not exactly looking forward to the initial collapse, the race war, the total annihilation of the white race, then the descent of Eurabia into a failed continent of warlords. But perhaps this is the way of all civilisations: they rise, they are destroyed from within by the insane, and then the barbarians enter.

So, my notes on the Mission to Finland so far (i write from the Man in Black’s sinister study, festooned as it is with skulls and occult paraphenalia):

1. On the s-bahn to Munich airport, surrounded by sand peoples and assorted Ausländers, a dago girl sits next to me, pulls her phone out and then suddenly and without any transition, without even seeming to dial a number or take a call, starts sobbing loudly in Italian, sexual recriminations it seems. The few Germans look disgusted, i cringe away and then get my suitcase and move to a different carriage. Her Italian wailing continues unabated, hysterical menstrual shrieking like we’re at a post-structuralist rally. i privately wonder if there’s anyone on the other end of the phone or she’s just a schizo who has managed a veneer of normality; perhaps her therapist taught her to at least pull a phone out before initiating a public outbreak.

2. Get to the airport to find i have no seat. i am, apparently, “on standby”. – And what, i ask sourly, Does this mean? – You have no seat, a bored German woman at the info desk explains. – But my good woman, i hiss in German, I have paid for the seat. Not her problem, apparently, she tells me to go to the far side of the airport, to a totally different airline, and ask there. i walk a mile to the desk. They have no idea why i’m asking them, phone calls are made and the second bored German woman tells me: – I don’t know why you came here! Go to the Finnair desk! Now!

i walk a mile back to the original desk. First bored German woman shrugs when i tell her they sent me back. Go to Finnair queue. Finally, the luggage checker woman says they overbooked the flight, this is normal, but i’ll probably still get a seat, as long as i don’t miss the flight due to having wasted 40 minutes walking about the airport and waiting at desks. – Is this normal? i ask. – Oh yes, she says.

i don’t know if i’ll even be allowed on the plane till i get to the boarding gate. They deign to allow me on. Nobody offers even a perfunctory apology, nobody grasps that i paid for the seat more than a month ago, have cancelled a week of work, made plans, etc., and find this highly unconscionable. When i try to explain this to Finnair, they just stare dully and say, – Go here. Maybe you get a seat. Maybe not. That is your problem.

3. Finally arrive at Oulu Airport, Man in Black picks me up, he insists we take a taxi because the bus will take another 30 minutes and “it will be full of Somalians”. A taxi? i never take taxis, but he says it will be cheap. It is 40 Euros – a day’s pay for me, with my current teaching schedule, but then i’ve lost more in the past and it hasn’t killed me. However, in order to salvage something from the situation i resolve never to take a taxi again, ever, anywhere, for any reason. Thus do we become wise.

4. i sleep in the Man in Black’s guest room, or study rather. A skull on a kind of nightstand, books about Satan, Satanism, runes, Catholicism, Hitler, etc.

We sit down to watch True Detective, Season 1 only of course. i have brought two bottles of good Bavarian gin to share, however when i start to make myself a drink he snarls, – Don’t drink that! That is too good for you! Here, drink some Finsbury! and offers me the rotgut gin he found in the ditch where he threw the dead prostitute.

– But i want to drink some good gin, i complain. – The ones i brought.

He sneers. – Not the good gin! This is too nice for you to drink. I want to enjoy it when you are gone. Finsbury is good enough for you. You are greedy. You are a parasite. You want to drink all the good gin! You are a parasite, a worthless sponger who wants my gin. I will kill you in your sleep. You will wake up to see the knife going into you, and you will never drink gin again. You fucker. I will take you to the sea and drown you, and leave your body so the little children find it.

5. We watch True Detective and i eat Karelian pies, a very satisfying microwavable food. Luckily, he is more or less a gin and beer man, so i am permitted to drink the whisky i brought. He sits to my left, spilling beer and the gin i brought all over the sofa and himself, then cursing me and the beer and the Masons, and ineffectually dabs at the ruined sofa and his sodden occult habiliments before shrugging since, as Rust would no doubt observe, we’re just sentient meat.


This is the fourth time i’ve seen TD and i still notice new details; the Man in Black focuses wholly on the whisky and beer brands, leering, – What is that label? I must have that. Get it for me in Germany and bring it to me.

i focus to some degree on the whisky but being now a man of the horolog, i am interested in the watches – Rust has (i gather) a mid-90s Lorus diver, Marty a dress watch, the Reverend Tuttle a gold-plated something. The set design is great on Season 1, the decor in each office, flat, house, reflecting the character; clothing too is well done. i don’t recall anything of this sort in Season 2 but then there were no real characters, save perhaps Colin Farrell’s, and without a real character you can’t develop meaningful costume and decor.

6. We also watch various Finnish films about alcoholics, murderers, prostitutes, down-at-heel cops and private detectives. Finnish is a strange language, i keep expecting to be able to understand, because with a fairly good French/Italian and German vocab, i can usually make some sense of things, but when i do follow it it’s only because it’s similar to proto-Indo-European, or it’s Swedish (and hence Germanic). The Man in Black teaches me important Finnish phrases like Saatanan nulkki! – fucking punk! We watch an amusing Finnish cop drama, and he routinely comments, – English is such a stupid language, like you, you fucker, the subtitles lose all the flavouring of the Finnish.

As far as i can tell the Finns use “cunt” a lot, so “go to hell!” is, in the Finnish original “go to cunt!”

7. Every day i awake to some Muslim atrocity, e.g. yesterday:

Man in Black: A man has driven a truck into a crowd of people in France. 84 dead.

Me: Was it a Muslim?

Man in Black: They have not said yet. We will see.

Me: Have people changed their Facebook profile pictures to the French flag yet?

Man in Black: That will be their priority.

i then log on and find the same worthless platitudes offered after every Muslim atrocity: “so sad” and “my thoughts are with the families” while Obameau assures the world “This has nothing to do with Islam. Islam is a religion of peace. Therefore this man was not a Muslim”, and the Muslims dance on the streets, singing Allahu Akhbar! and celebrating a great victory against the white man, and his gin.

8. The Man in Black just tried to persuade me to get in a taxi and go to some True Detective-like location in the bayou. – No, i insisted. – Never again.




1. Firstly, my thanks to those who cast their soiled pennies into my pit of woe, it is shockingly pleasant to be appreciated in more than a “oh yes, that funny little Nazi Indian, I thought all the dark people are Muslims, because it’s so enlightened, the religion of peace you know, they have falafel and this nice thing where the women are so liberated, they don’t have to pander to the male gaze because they’re in burqas, and there’s this nice little Ethiopian restaurant my Polish nanny recommends, yes, Elberry, he can be quite amusing, he doesn’t want to be on the Left because he hates Pakis, he’s a racist, that must be his white side because Indians can’t be racist” way. From teaching alone i am now averaging slightly less than i need to survive, even without taxes, so any coin is indeed welcome – i’m also suddenly going through a sartorial midlife crisis and buying shoes and watch straps, so need everything you can throw my sordid way. By the way, just a reminder – if you want to make a one-off donation, remember to cancel it after the first payment goes out. i’m not sure if i can return your donation and Paypal/Patreon will doubtless take a hefty cut for each transaction.

i have blogged for 11 years now, amusingly enough at the counsel of a pretty gay who’s probably been AIDSed to death by now, a colleague at a shitty bank in Leeds who said: “you should like do a blog or something, because you’re well sarcastic.”

He also thought, approvingly, that Tony Blair was “gay”.

2. i’m off to Finland next week, to consult with the Man in Black. He has a cosy little place in the wilderness, it looks like this:

Impressive Satan Castle high above the glorious Baskoy Gorge



He looks like this:

gira 2 gira

Finland seems one of those 1st world countries where it is still possible to live more or less in the old ways, insulated from modernity; no doubt the reason the Man in Black and our eldest sister (from my last life) chose to be born in the north, about 80 miles apart as it happens. Finland, at least in the north, seems to have been spared much of the worst ruination.

3. When i contemplate the progressive destruction of European culture, the ruin of the universities, the ascent of unmedicated feminists and bearded Jihaddists, i take some comfort in more cosmic workings. The Left can exterminate all religions save Islam, they can destroy a thousand years of culture, but they cannot influence the non-physical reality. One need only contemplate the absurdity of the materialist atheist Chinese government attempting to regulate the Dalai Lama’s reincarnation. Indeed, even within this world the Left cannot truly do away with gender, they can only punish those who speak the truth, for example referring to a man in a dress as “he”. Eppur si muove.

In the non-physical reality, there are malignant intelligences, but also benign; whereas in this world political power tends to fall to the malign and the mediocre, there, as far as i can tell, there are no politics. It seems that the destruction of the West is not driven by clueless idiocy or greed, but there is actually a kind of non-physical malevolence at work, motivating (i suppose) firstly the greedy and deracinated, who in turn fund Left-wing activists (Black Lives Matter, etc.), the self-righteous and moronic hordes.

i’m not exactly optimistic – one need only look at Iran to see how Islam can take over a nation; or consider the enormous suffering inflicted by the Communists on anyone unfortunate enough to fall within their domain, for a good 70 years. It could well be that we will have Sharia law stretching from Galway to Vienna – so far, the Slavic lands look able to defend themselves, and i’m pretty sure Putin wouldn’t allow Russia to fall to the Beard.

4.  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 

So it would seem.


1. Prince hadn’t done anything good in ages, Bowie was cool but there are many good pop/rock musicians. But to replace Geoffrey Hill?


the rest passagework,
settled beforehand, variable, to be lived through
as far as one can, with uncertain
tenure. Downstream from this Quaker outcrop
Stonyhurst’s ample terraces confer
with the violent, comely
nature of Loyola and English weather

2. i know almost none who can read poetry today, in Germany only two – both dandies from the fascist bohemian underground. i had a Physicist flatmate at university who asked me to recommend some good classical music. He only listened to drum and bass, rap, and heavy metal, so i lent him the most immediately accessible but good composition i know, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony; he returned it saying it wasn’t too bad, but he’d kept waiting for the drums. This struck me as symptomatic of modernity; the rhythm of our times has become that of the machine, and much of our culture is so: monotonous, fast, coarse, not merely graceless but actually wilfully brutal and ugly, repetitive, collectivist. Techno is the soundtrack to these days, a form of music which neither demands nor rewards attention, and serves to quieten what is left of mind, allowing for the desired torpor & absence of affect.

Poetry is now a vanishing possibility, for it requires undisturbed concentration and a different kind of time – more spacious and flexible, deeper (the difference between shallow and deep time gives some indication of the modern man’s limitations).

3. In years to come, perhaps our culture will be seen not as the Plastic or Oil or Silicon Age, but rather the Machine Age. Our devisings and tools determine our self-perception and our perception of the world. The machine, and the modern scientific method, require repeatability, uniformity, a fundamentally quantitative appreciation. And so it is, any qualitative reckoning is despised, and anything not subject to statistical analysis is, at best, a curiosity.

Socialism is one aspect of the Machine Age. Those who supported “Bremain” seem motivated by two considerations: 1) Economics; 2) Hatred of western civilisation. The EU was a left-wing totalitarian project, Supranational Socialism if you like, in this odd blend of cut-throat financial greed and Menstrual Marxism. The economic arguments don’t interest me, since i see little correlation between financial well-being and human decency – otherwise, people like George Soros, Hilary Clinton, Tony Blair, Donald Trump, would (presumably) be clearly superior to my stepfather, a retired bus driver from a small village outside Huddersfield. Having useful work is important for anyone not on the Left, but that has little connection to money: many of my students earn ten times my dire pittance and are miserable because their work is pointless bullshit.

4. When the economic arguments against independence are questioned, the Bremainers i know simply backstep to Menstrual Marxism, as if to say, “well yes, the money thing isn’t THAT important, what IS important is to have an all-powerful state which enforces the right views“. So one of the truly mangina Leftist Brits i know posted that Brexit would annihilate the UK’s economy, that the UK would be North Korea, totally isolated from the rest of the world, however he then shifted to posting articles saying that after Brexit it is VITAL that the UK fail financially, or it will encourage Nazi parties in Europe, like the actually lukewarm, centrist AfD (it is typical of the Left to redefine language so in Newspeak a moderate conservative party is “far right”, because who cares about truth if you’ve got a revolution to start).

The alliance of the Left and financial neo-liberals should not surprise. Both regard western civilisation as something between an inconvenience and an outrage. Both are true products of the Machine Age. The dream of the Left is of a vast, all-reaching bureaucracy, a managerial elite in which of course they will find a well-paid niche reading Twitter, having lengthy lunches at a nice little Michelin restaurant in Geneva or New York, and changing their Facebook profile pic to reflect the latest Muslim atrocity. For the Left, the State is vital – the bigger, more powerful, more tyrannically uncontestable, the better. Bureaucracy, layers and layers of bureaucracy, with forms and quotas and committees and commission and panels and memoranda and reports and procedures. Nothing to be unregulated, no aspect of human life to escape the all-seeing Eye. And, naturally, a cushy little job, heroically fighting injustice by calling for increasingly draconian Hate Speech laws against anyone who disagrees with them.

Aside from their cultural self-loathing, their self-interest, they seem motivated by a belief in bureaucracy, in regulation, in the domain of number and quantity. There is a panic at the very idea of something, somewhere, going on. The human mind must control all. Nothing must be allowed to just happen.

At the back of all this, i think there is the manic fearful urge to bring all of reality within the dome:

The domed city is not only a return to the sanctuary of cave and grotto and even the womb, but an image of “paradise” in technological disguise, for the very word “paradise” means “a walled enclosure”. The walled enclosure, like the contemporary gated community, is an ideal of wild and unpredictable Nature totally tamed, domesticated, and regulated, barricaded and isolated from real, living Nature by substitute technical processes — but completely insulated against “the law of the Earth” […]

The “wild and uncontrollable” aspects of the law of the earth are always necessarily implicated in the tamed and domesticated aspects. Technology, it should be clear, does not insulate or isolate the human from the law of the earth or the terrors of the wild, of time, decay and of darkness.  Both the wonder and the terror are mimicked and replicated in the technical process.

5. The Machine Age is so far advanced that panic sets in at the prospect of a life unregulated, any human enterprise not wholly approved and monitored by the all-seeing Eye. War, they tell us, will naturally follow from independence, war and collapse and catastrophe. Well, war etc. has also ensued in the states of the former USSR, and Yugoslavia, but would anyone seriously advise the only alternative is a sclerotic, corrupt, supranational tyranny?

But then, it would be no tyranny for the Menstrual Marxists – for them, all would be quite peachy, much as Margot Honecker thought all was rosy in the GDR. As unnatural creatures, they thrive only in the socialist “dome” where black is white, Islam is the religion of peace, paedophilia is normal, Bruce Jenner is a woman, and Stefonknee Wolscht is a 6-year-old girl.2598532.main_image

Such artificial regimes can only be maintained through vast force, as in the Soviet bloc, and the EU has been moving in this direction for a while now, with its curious plans for a “secret army” – which would seem superfluous, since NATO already protects against external threats; but then, i suppose it isn’t intended for use against external threats.

For me, the coming collapse (of the global economy) is not to be feared, since the present order is so rotten, and rotting, that it clearly could not continue. The God-Emperor Trump, a force of pure primitive redneck capitalism, will storm the Citadel of Stefonknee, with his 16 inch iron cock:


and behold, he will wed the Empress


and birth a race of proud blond warriors, though some may have strange hair.

1. My father called me as i was watching a not-very-interesting footballs game between Belgium and Hungary. i mentioned that i’d voted for Brexit, and was surprised to hear that he had too. i once found a Labour Party card in his name somewhere in the house, but he (and i think the father of Shrekh, a Muslim schoolfriend) normally voted Liberal Democrat because Labour wanted to destroy the grammar schools – egalitarian levelling is not generally welcomed by those who came to England to work and make a new life, only by white middle-class liberals and those who don’t want to work. This is one reason i think this poisonous ideology can’t last long – the hard-working immigrants realise the Guardianistas want to keep them in their convenient ghetto, and when the economy can no longer support masses of dolescum, the “one shitty size fills all” vision of the Left must collapse. But then the USSR managed a good long run, by the timeframe of a single human life.

i suppose the Guardianistas would say my father is a vile old racist Paki (actually he’s Indian, but tush, such little details should not concern the enlightened Left) and shouldn’t be allowed to vote, since all he did was work about 18 -20 hours a day as a doctor, paying maximum income tax, while they studied Menstrual Marxism and then secured cushy jobs in the EU-funded public sector, haranguing the rabble.

My father, like most immigrants, hasn’t integrated any more than he absolutely had to, speaking a barbarous strange English and remaining staggeringly ignorant of English history (but not more so than the average Brit, or Feminist). He is a peculiar specimen, the educated higher-caste Indian – he declined to prosecute an Army officer who drunk drove into his car in the 70s; he explained they were both servants of the crown, much to the local constabulary’s dismay, i imagine. He had no idea the English had ever gone in for witch-burnings, and regarded English Literature, History, Philosophy etc. as utterly worthless, indeed contemptible; however, he knows far more than i of politics and current events (he is a newspaper reader, while i prefer to read books a good generation or two after the event, when the dust has settled).

2. He grew disillusioned with Nu Labour when he realised they were essentially Thatcherite in their adoration of wealth, and whereas Thatcher and her kind seemed largely indifferent to society, to culture, utterly uncaring if the unfettered pursuit of the stock market corrupted human nature, Nu Labour were positively hostile to English society, true Marxists who strove to overthrow Western civilisation and replace it with a deracinated, lost people who would feel no attachment to locality, to each other, and be supremely biddable by their all-wise masters, the elite:


Tony Blair was the exemplar of this new Marxism – rightly i think dubbed Cultural Marxism, for it is essentially Thatcherite in worship of money, and keeps only the old Soviet hatred for tradition, local culture, independence, anything which is raw and not readily subject to the rule of the new order:

‘For I am Saruman the Wise, Saruman Ring-maker, Saruman of Many Colours!’

I looked then and saw that his robes, which had seemed white, were not so, but were woven of all colours, and if he moved they shimmered and changed hue so that the eye was bewildered.


He drew himself up then and began to declaim, as if he were making a speech long rehearsed. ‘The Elder Days are gone. The Middle Days are passing. The Younger Days are beginning. The time of the Elves is over, but our time is at hand: the world of Men, which We must rule. But we must have power, power to order all things as we will, for that good which only the Wise can see.’

3. Now the so-called Conservatives and so-called Labour are essentially right and left-wing of the same financially Thatcherite, culturally far-left party, there is no mainstream political outlet for those who care anything for society. i know little of Jeremy Corbyn but find it interesting that he is an unregenerate old-school Commie, the very opposite of Blair and the bureaucrat-class of champagne socialists with their cushy UN/EU jobs.


Judging by face alone (he looks quite a lot like my stepfather, who voted for Brexit) he isn’t a Saruman. Labour of course always hated England but there was an element of the old working class Labour which i would vastly prefer to the Blairite management echelon. Not that even a socialism which respects culture (a national socialism, if you like) would ever be my cup of tea: socialism, i think, only works if it is very limited and there is almost no immigration, and the people naturally want to work and pay into the system. When you have a Sweden – really uncontrolled immigration, from every 3rd World shithole the suicidally socialist Swedes could find – the system will collapse. And socialism requires control: as soon as the bureaucrat-class have power, they abuse it, as is natural to humankind. One sees this now in England, where the political class certainly do not mirror the views of the people. Consider that 52% of the electorate voted to leave the EU, then consider this:


For the political class, the EU is ideal – no more need of democracy, accountability. They will never elect to take their snouts out of that gravy.

4. i don’t take politics very seriously, however, and imagine we will require a serious economic collapse before anything really changes. Naturally, the Left will blame this on Brexit, even if it was clearly coming for years from a combination of effectively unregulated banking practices, mass immigration, and Leftist “welfare”. But already i feel the tide is turning right; a few weeks ago, when i heard about the EU Hate Speech laws, i wondered if i should close my blog down or at least delete anything other than book reviews and what not, but then i felt that the Leftist ideology would not last, that it would be brought down, and those who clamoured for horrible Tory Anarchists such as myself to be shut up by law, and imprisoned, for old people like my father to be stripped of his voting rights, and presumably prosecuted for voting the wrong way, that all these Leftie loudmouths will slink quietly away and pretend they never had anything to do with it. It could be that the Left’s utter and to-the-hilt support of Islam will bring them down; that when enough women and small boys have been raped by Muslims, popular revulsion will turn not merely against the invaders, but also against the Feminists, the shrieking university professors, the belly-patting political elite, the smug lying journalists, all those who bought the rapists into Europe and tried to silence dissent, all those who grinned about “humanity” and “love” and “cooperation” and the State, and practiced deceit and treachery, and enabled rape, assault, robbery, and murder. Judging by the facts, our Muslim guests are certainly working hard at bringing things to a point where even the mainstream media cannot fool the people.

There will be tears before bedtime, mark my words. However, it’s not all bad – after talking to my father, i turned back to the footballs and the last 20 minutes were superb.

1. i am growing a Brexit beard, to infuriate the Left. At the moment i look like i just got out of prison and am in the mood for love, i predict that in another fortnight i will look like a full-on Muslim and end up accidentally drawn into a Jihaddist rape cell, by my beard. The bile spewed out by the white liberal Bremain losers is amusing unto my beard, and i find some of my more Leftie colleagues avoid talking to me now, fearing no doubt my propensity to fascist manliness, and my beard. i almost wish i had more English colleagues so i could smile as they mumble angrily and avoid eye contact; as it is, i have mostly only American colleagues so must content myself with remarks such as “of course, i will vote for Trump” and “didn’t Hilary Clinton rape an intern with a cigar?” – but that isn’t really the same, since i don’t care who wins the US elections.

2. In addition to beard development, i have been watching the footballs, some kind of European version of the World Cup. Amusing that some of the Bremain camp thought England would have to leave this footballs in the event of Brexit (though i presume this was just a joke).  However, i do find it bizarre that people think being European, liking European culture (or at least preferring it to American, Chinese, 3rd World Islam etc.) means you have to fanatically support a political system of unaccountable bureaucrats who call themselves “the European Union.” Here’s an analogy for you: i like whisky, therefore i have to join the Scottish Whisky Association. Here’s another analogy: i like Durham Cathedral, Dante, Haydn, therefore i have to become a Roman Catholic, pay church tax, and if anyone tries to leave the Church i must attack him and blame him for everything bad that happens to anyone thereafter. If i say, “no, i’m not actually a Christian” then i can no longer go to Italy, can no longer read Dante, or listen to Haydn. Or, to use Daniel Hannan’s analogy, i like football therefore i must support Fifa.

3. Footballs are generally tedious and wearying. England, as in every World European Cup, are listless and petulant and my predictions are now: England will get knocked out either by Iceland tonight, or in the next round; in the end it will come down to Germany, Belgium, or France. i have some ideas on how to enliven the game, however:

i) Second ball to be tossed onto the pitch for 10 minutes whenever the game gets too dull; goals can now be scored with either ball.

ii) Coaches to be able to run onto the pitch and play for 2 minutes per game, randomly determined – however, they must wear their usual clothes.

iii) Dance off between opposing teams to determine the result in the event of a draw.

But i’m no expert: i often wonder why the goalie, since he can legally carry the ball, can’t just walk towards the enemy, surrounded by a phalanx of players to fight off the other team, and then toss it into the goal. i presume someone has created a rule to prevent this, alas – fucking EU again.

1. So England may finally be free of the EU, though i note with some amusement that the losers, unused to losing, are angrily demanding a second referendum because that’s how democracy works – if you lose, you just demand another vote, until you get the desired result. i am used to losing – i and those of my kind have been fighting what Tolkien calls the long defeat for decades; and so i didn’t expect Leave to win, and i don’t think i would have signed a petition for a 2nd referendum – i would have just accepted that most people don’t value their own culture and identity anymore.

i would agree with Andrew Breitbart, that politics is downstream of culture, and it seems to me that English culture has been rotting away, from the head down, the last couple of generations. i once thought all countries were probably more or less as vile, till i went to Italy in 2003 – under the auspices of an EU project, ironically – and saw that the supposedly dangerous Padova had safe streets, no public drunkedness, and a quiet unstudied decorum even among the young. Likewise even the supposedly dangerous Kassel has safe streets, only boisterous public drunkedness, and if Germands aren’t exactly decorous, they aren’t as vile & debased as the English.

2. On either my 2010 or 16 trip to England, i was standing in the corridor on a train somewhere (probably Manchester to Huddersfield) about noon on a Saturday, and a guy came out of the toilet. Two teenage girls, i think about 13 or 14, dressed like prostitutes, shrieked at him “Hope you left a nice stinky shit in there!” and then screeched with laughter for some time. i was shocked, after months in Germany, then remembered & thought, This is just England now, this is what women and girls act like here. i’ve seen worse things, casual violence in the middle of the day in the town centre, for seemingly no reason, crazy people or junkies screaming at demons, i’ve been “menaced” by gangs of 10-year-olds (amusing till i reflected they probably had knives), seen one junky kicking another in the head at a bus stop (the first one threatened to kill his family), i was spat at, had bottle tops thrown in my face, and on a Sunday afternoon, i was surrounded and violently pushed around by three drunk Geordies on a quiet street in Durham, as they made gorilla noises and shouted “Paki bastard!” and for some reason “Imran Khan!” Two Geordies tried to burgle my student room while i was in it in 2001. A schizophrenic girl high on acid broke into my house in Manchester at 0800 on a workday, and ran about breaking windows and screaming. i lived below drug dealers in Leeds for 2 years, and could hear them having fights in the early hours (i remember the curiously immediate sound of a fist on a face). Half a dozen big teenagers tried to pick a fight with me and Bonehead on the road outside my flat, in my first week in Leeds, surrounding us and doing the man-dance warm-up of insults and threats (they were deterred by Bonehead, who has a certain aura of violence). And so on and so forth.

i’ve now been in Germany nearly 7 years, and can’t remember anything at this level. There have been a handful of incidents which i wouldn’t even call altercations, just young guys trying it on and then fading away when i didn’t back down.

Politics has certainly helped the decay – curiously, not just i but everyone i asked noted that England started to really go to the dogs in the late 90s; even Nu Labour types would say things went into a taildive from then on, with notions such as respect, deference, politeness, humility, decorum, gentleness going out of the window completely – even a young greasy-haired self-proclaimed Marxist i temped with in Manchester in 2007 said teenagers held no respect for anyone anymore, that in his day (he was 23 or so) if an adult shouted at you, you’d shit yourself and mumble, Oh, sorry, yes, but in the last few years he’d noted you could tell them to fuck off and they just jeered. i saw this myself many a time – for example, in a laundrette in Leeds in 2005/6, two teenage girls were climbing into the huge driers and generally giggling and shrieking like whores, the middle-aged owner came in, shouted “oi! I told you not to come back here! If I see you again I’ll get the CPS!” [CPS is a kind of 2nd-rate cop organisation comprising mostly fat pasty-faced slobs who chew gum and look like recent offenders stuffed in paramilitary gear]. When i, or indeed anyone at my violent school, including Bonehead, were shouted at by adults we immediately backed down – i only know one boy who didn’t and he seemed to have a mental or emotional disorder, and is probably in prison now. These teenage girls just laughed and giggled.

3. In 2006 i had a vision of sorts, and began to wonder if there was anything good about England. i realised there were good English people, but they were almost all over 50; the decent younger ones seemed lost, bewildered at how vile English culture had become, essentially chav culture so millionaires and royalty dress and talk like chavs. It doesn’t surprise me, then, that the Leave votes mainly came from the older generation – those who knew England before it was gobbled up by the EU, and therefore don’t suppose trade would cease without, or that everyone would lose their jobs, or that Denmark would invade. The younger generation – and this happened in Nazi Germany too – believe the lies of their rulers, knowing nothing else (those processed through the Hitler Youth were generally far more fanatical than those who grew up in Wilhelmine Germany).

4. It is, i would say, the most emotional political issue in my lifetime. Most of my colleagues are Lefties – not really educated, most have gone to some kind of university but are almost illiterate (their lips move when they read); the few who read, only read the Guardian, or “genre fiction”. Here is how i celebrated Brexit:


In the past, i would openly tell my colleagues “i’m extremely right-wing” and sneer at them as “filthy commies” when they talked about the Guardian or how they were voting Bernie Sanders and want someone to assassinate Trump. They would sneer back in good spirit and all was well. Now i’ve noted a considerable level of vitriol on the Remain part, even among the mildest, e.g. a Brit colleague, a soft harmless pussy-whipped coward who i like, posted something like “Well done, some of you deserve what you’ll get. Going to the Ausländeramt to get a passport”. i found “you deserve what you’ll get” rather sinister, possibly directed at me, since he seems to have only Left-wing friends – like a lot of soft liberal white people, he probably thinks “but, Elberry, you’re…you know, a Paki…you have to be on the Left!” – and now gleefully imagines me being stoned to death by white racists, because only a white racist would, presumably, vote to be independent of the EU. I’ve heard this “argument” from a few white Lefties, which boils down to “your race determines which political party you can vote for” – i was even accused of being a racist by The Communist (a well-paid UN apparatchik pining for the good old USSR) because racism is the only reason you might prefer not to be a socialist.

i am unsurprised that rich UN apparatchiks are full of rage that i’m not a Leftie, but now the Remain camp seem to think the useless old people who did nothing, except work their entire lives, have now ruined their entire future, and England will become a rogue state – and so even the placid fat Lefties, with their soft white hands, are angry and spitting venom on all & sundry. i suspect this will be akin to the Dreyfus Affair, which likewise divided French society – i would then have been a Dreyfusard, believing the truth, and the individual, more important than the supposed glory of the French army, and the careers of well-paid bureaucrats and liars.

5. It is perhaps so emotional because it indicates the spiritual gap between the camps. The Remain lot had mostly economic arguments – often full of lies, e.g. that Britain relies on the EU for farming subsidies, when in fact Britain gave 13 billion € a year to the EU, and only got 4.5 billion back. Two of my students have told me, as if it is an indisputable fact, that Britain needs the EU for its generous wallet. The Leave camp had really only emotional appeals, such as “this is our country and we don’t want foreign powers telling us what to do” or “I don’t want Sharia law”.

The economic arguments are largely irrelevant for me personally, because i don’t see much correlation between prosperity and cultural health – i know good people who are rich, and good people who are broke; i know bad people who are rich, and bad people who are lifelong dolescum & benefit cheats; this is one of many reasons i regard the Left as wrong-headed and misguided. i can say, from experience, that England in the 1930s, in the midst of economic depression, was safer and more civilised than England at the peak of its Thatcherite boom, or its fairy gold Nu Labour spivvery.

The Remain camp think only in terms of material advantage, exchange rates, share prices. Oh no, my soft liberal colleague has to go to the Ausländeramt and get a passport – how terrible! Oh no, holidays abroad won’t be as cheap! And so on.

And Esau said to Jacob, Feed me, I pray thee, with that same red pottage; for I am faint: therefore was his name called Edom.

And Jacob said, Sell me this day thy birthright.

And Esau said, Behold I am at the point to die: and what profit shall this birthright do to me?

And Jacob said, Swear to me this day; and he sware unto him: and he sold his birthright unto Jacob.

Then Jacob gave Esau bread and pottage of lentiles; and he did eat and drink, and rose up, and went his way: thus Esau despised his birthright. (Gen 25. 30-4)

My mother and stepfather were both in the Leave camp; both would be despised by the ruling elites, by smug Leftists, as uneducated and more like to read a tabloid than Left-wing controlled media like the Guardian or the Times. The Leftists would call them racist bigots, and if i said Neither are remotely racist or bigoted, the Leftists would say i have false consciousness, and i myself am a racist and a bigot and should be done away with forthwith, how dare a Paki not be on the Left? – perhaps i should be stoned by Muslims, for i am surely an apostate? – since all dark peoples are Muslims, or should be, hmm?

For people like me and my mother economics are irrelevant, because we have never been rich and never would be, and would rather have freedom and decency and honour than the latest iphone and a special deal on a nice little place in Tuscany. This makes us “little Englanders” and Tory scum, apparently.

Every argument i’ve seen in favour of Remain is to do with economics. i don’t even bother disputing with these people, because all i could say for sure is that the EU is destroying the fabric of English culture – not that it’s the only factor, by any means; and they wouldn’t understand, because they are all deracinated, rootless types, parasites who could live anywhere and are only in Germany because they can claim money from the Government, or because they can work here at an easy low-skill job (English teacher, or McLingua management, neither requiring talent). With people like this, there is no debate, one must hold one’s ground and try to ignore their slurs and slanders, their Leftist rage as the gravytrain is shunted to a different siding.

6. Almost every German i’ve talked to was angry that Britain was even having a referendum, regarding it as an affront and possibly a war crime. An East German engineer snapped at me: “What is with this England? All lands will be in the EU. Only the British peoples they are thinking they are special, or?” i don’t see it as exaggeration to say that Germans are natural pedants and control freaks, and want to control not merely their immediate surroundings but other countries, and the world. For the German, it is intolerable that a country should be independent and not part of the 4th Order. i believe this is in part because of German geohistory – jammed between France and Russia Germany has had war every generation, invasion, rape, catastrophe. England hasn’t been invaded in a thousand years, at least not by an army – i would see the immigration of the last 20 years as an invasion, just as the recent Muslim “refugees” are an occupying force doing what all occupiers do – loot and rape.

Thus Germans value security over freedom. They yearn for order, bureaucracy, for powerful men and women to rule over them – the more powerful, faceless, inaccessible, the better. And being Germans they want to extend this empire over their neighbours, to include all in their net, to have power over all, to have one power to rule over all men.

But then that describes the Left in general, so i find it amusing that so-called anarchists are protesting against the referendum and assaulting anyone they find with the Union Jack. As is often the case with the Left, what they say (“we are anarchists!”) is the opposite of the truth (they want a one world government to control every inch of human life, as long as it doles out enough arts grants for shrieking menstrual feminist poetry slams, and “anarchist” communes). i think because the Left usually deny objective reality (“hate facts”, post-structuralism, feminism, logic as a male patriarchal tool of oppression, everything is a “construct” because some French assholes said so in the 60s etc.) they have no problem with lying, don’t even really recognise it as lying – for them, it is merely whatever is expedient, to achieve social revolution and remake man in their image:

The EU is a curious partnership between financial neo-liberals who, judging from their actions, want to destroy small businesses and clear a path for vast multinationals to dominate the market; and hysterical social justice warriors like the delightful Trigglypuff. For the former, any individualism, any tradition, any borders, any national identity, is an irritating obstacle to a global financial empire; and since the latter violently hate and attack tradition, the individual, borders, national identity, well, it’s really a match made in Heaven, or, you know, somewhere else. It is natural that the security-craving Germands love the EU and its works, and natural too that they will now blame every failing on the British people, and therefore on me since i am quite open about my views. A Muslim gang rapes a child? – Brexit to blame! A Muslim blows himself up and kills dozens of innocents? –  Brexit again!

The EU was really perfect for the Left – a soft totalitarianism, perhaps like Communism in Poland: one of my students, who lived through this era, said it wasn’t as bad as in Russia, that having a politically incorrect opinion would get you fired and unemployable, but you probably wouldn’t be tortured and executed. The EU was heading in this direction, with its interesting Hate Speech notions, directed against people like me; and its so-called secret army, presumably to punish states who might try to withdraw from the glorious Fourth Reich, and needed a bit of enlightening, 1956 style.

7. It will be interesting to observe as events unfold. Since Britain was one of the few strong economies, contributing to the numerous parasites (all of Eastern Europe), without us the others (France, Netherlands, Germany) will have to do more, as millions more Muslim “refugees” flood into Europe from warzones like Pakistan, Algeria, Morocco, and Iraq, demanding good Halal meat and white girls to rape, and cars, and good housing, and respect, and for gays to be thrown off buildings, and dogs to be slaughtered as haram, and Jews to be burnt alive, and Christian churches converted into mosques. It could be that if another strong economy pulls out, the whole “European project” will collapse, and of course everyone will blame Britain for all that follows, because we shouldn’t have wanted freedom from the glorious socialist neo-liberal republic of Islam.

Scotland, i wager, will leave the UK, which is only fair since practically the entire country voted to Remain. i don’t see any reason why they should stay in the UK, and as a small-government Tory i think it would be better if they fucked off to eat their fried Mars Bars and crack sandwiches in peace.

So there it is, history.

my message to the Beta Leftist rabble and Chardonnay-drinkers

1. Thanks for moneys pledged via Patreon, it is a surprise that anyone reads my writings at all, let alone that they would toss some coin into my well of drowned kittens. As the EU devours nation after nation, the religion of peace rape-conquers Europe with the help of traitors and manginas, and Fukushima’s radiation kills off the world’s oceans, my own life seems ever more insignificant, but then it was already so piffling that the end of Western civilisation, and the destruction of all life on Earth can’t make much difference.

2. i recently hatched a new literary crush – Tim Powers, labelled as a sci-fi/Fantasy writer. i finished his novel Declare yesterday in a state of stupefied resentment & awe – resentment inasmuch as it is more or less the novel i’d been planning for the last 15 years, a Fantasy/metaphysical spy thriller set in WW2 and the Cold War. Here is a scene, chosen at random, where Andrew Hale, SIS and involuntary occultist, meets a non-human in the desert:

“Human enough to have survived the doom of your kingdom,” Hale observed. He didn’t change his expression, but he had to run his tongue around the inside of his mouth to be sure he had not actually eaten something, and he wished he had brought his water bottle with him when he had walked away from his camel – for his mouth was fouled with the woody taste of dry, long-stale bread.

The red lips smiled in the black beard, exposing white teeth, though there was no change of expression in the watchful eyes. “Human enough for half of me to have survived.”

Hale breathed in and out through his open mouth, trying to lose the taste. “How did the…the killing stone…kill your people?”

A’ad stared at Hale as if at an idiot. “Know, O man, that it fell upon them. It, and others like it.” He shook his head, then dipped his fingers over his right knee, by the blinking parrot’s head. “Do try this meat. You have never tasted anything as exquisite as the seasoning of this dish.”

“Akh al-Jahala!” cawed the parrot. The phrase meant brother of ignorance.

Oddly, this scene felt familiar in an agent-running context; and Hale realised that it was like debriefing an Arab agent who has lost respect for the handler and is about to stop cooperating. Get what you can, fast, he thought.

It’s at times Alan Fursty in atmosphere, with an almost Kafka strangeness. Impossible to summarise neatly, but it’s about occult cliques in military intelligence, djinns, Kim Philby, nations, and quite a lot of mystic Catholicism. Powers evidently read biographies of Philby and then wrote this to fill in blanks with fantasy – i know little of Philby but as far as i know all of this is good fantastical speculation on history. As with any good Fantasy novel, parts of it are true – for example, a kind of trance-walk which takes the walker long distances through danger unscathed, unremembering, which Peter Kingsley also wrote of in his last work.

In the novel, a so-called djinn becomes a protecting angel of the Soviet Union, maintaining its internal cohesion in return for lavish blood sacrifices. In the novel, this accounts for the enormous purges of the USSR, and actually it would explain why Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe – because they sacrificed nothing in the war, and so their nation is now gone, just a geographical definition.

3. Every idea, every symbol, can take on a “life of its own”, as an independent intelligence, a spirit. A nation is an idea and symbol. As i see it, the EU is a continuation of the thoroughly malign spirit of the USSR – socialist hegemony and levelling, to annihilate identity and human individuality, to create a Tower of Babel with an inner circle of unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats having dominion over hitherto free nations. It is the “spirit” of the Machine, of a world cleared of the human.

Even if England votes to Leave tomorrow, so far a good 50% of those polled vote to Remain, indicating the servile depths to which the chavs, polishers, and Southrons have sunk in the last 70 years. There is no longer an England to save, even if the political elites would allow their trough to be taken away. Where once we had fighters and traditionalists, now all are hobbits – fat, content little creatures who will happily sell their birthright to the religion of peace and EU Marxists for a pot of frankly shitty gruel.

As to why, i know not. Those i know who want to stay in thrall to the EU tend to be standard Leftist idiots, who regard any kind of nationalism as Nazism; culturally-suicidal fools who would be the first to call for Muslims to have Sharia patrols and the right to stone all & sundry in England, because that’s tolerance and respect, yet would regard any real English culture as terribly vulgar and backward, the kind of dreadful nonsense people in the North go for. They are secular atheists all, even if they mumble approvingly into their Chardonnay about Christian architecture or the Bible – but fundamentally, they are, at best, glib Southrons and apple polishers, totally severed from the spirit; they have done very well for themselves, in the world.

4. i could not take their path. It seems my fate to be born at the tail-end of decaying empire, to live through the final disintegration of culture, the rise of the totalitarian state and then total war. If chronology is any guide, the war will begin in ten years, and destroy everything – imagine a Balkans-style civil war across Europe, as the sand peoples rise up against the white man; and, why, even the fat belly-patting Southrons in the nice little middle class suburbs, the content worldlings who vote for the EU and think Muslims jolly good chaps who do a nice Balti, even they will be slaughtered.

But by then, perhaps a meteor will destroy this whole planet, or the hundreds of tons of radioactive water flowing from Fukushima, every day, will settle the matter, and we can begin again from amoeba up.

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