Conversation between me and Jim, a Viking-looking teacher, early 20s, Philosophy graduate, re: the Bundeswehr group:Elberry: How were the Bundies?
Jim: A bit strange today. I asked them what you’d taught them.
Elberry: And what did they say?
Jim: They said you taught them about prostitution. They were still quite excited.
Elberry: That was a particularly fine lesson.

To demonstrate comparatives and countable nouns it was: “there are more prostitutes in Hamburg than in K___” (we decided there were 10,000 in Hamburg and 3 in K___). In that lesson i also drew the Futhark runes on the board after a student called hail ‘hagel’ (or something similar), this of course prompting me to reply, “ah, like the Hagalaz rune” and launch into one of my 20-minute runic digressions. One student said, rather taken aback by the sudden torrent of runology: “How do you know this?” i thought about this for a bit then said, “i’m just interested in runes and things like that. i know people in Finland.”

It occurs to me that “i know people in Finland” is an excellent catch-all response to just about any question.