Yesterday a Bosche word appeared in my mind – ungemeinschaft. i didn’t recognise it, nor does it appear in my (small) dictionary but gemeinschaft is community so i guess my word would mean “the opposite of a community” or “no-community”. Perhaps i heard it on the radio though i suspect bits of my forgotten Germanness are, bit by bit, responding to the sounds i hear about me here in K___. It’s an appropriate word for a vagabond Elberry (there is no other kind), perhaps my subconscious commenting on my Gebo post.

i was also amused and annoyed to find my Hugo’s “Learn German in 3 Months” (yeah, sure) omits the “du” form – so i only know how to address people with Sie, formally. The book is 40 years old but it still seems kind of strange to completely omit the informal mode of address. It is, however, appropriate for an ungemeinschaft person such as myself.

i can sometimes understand bits of written German now, but i can’t understand spoken Bosche, let alone speak it myself. My pronunciation is a little better than in September, but still appalling, comical even to myself.