At the moment i think my most treasured possession is my Pelikan fountain pen – a new one is about 200 sterling; i found a 50s vintage one on Ebay for 80 quid and have found it reliable and excellent. German technology, you see. After the Pelikan, my ipod, which cost about as much as a new Pelikan. They are both wonders of human ingenuity and technology, but in both cases they were created by the human imagination; and in both cases, their function is to deliver works of the human imagination – the Pelikan, my thoughts, and the ipod Bach and Kate & Anna McGarrigle (today). Without the human imagination, they are simply pretty pieces of metal and plastic.

To be a creator is to be influenced by one’s creation. But influence should only go so far. The master remains master, though he love his workings and has care of his servants; and though they care for him also.