1. i have decided that “Susan” is an adjective, courtesy of Susan Balée.

2. When i lived with Papa Bear, my now ex-brother-in-law, i snacked on paté on toast; to deter his eldest son from stealing the paté, PB said: “It’s meat jam, son.” i have decided to launch my own, German brand of paté, which will be known as “Flesh jam”. It will be made out of the flesh of my ex-employers.

3. Unless a miracle happens in November, i am, come si dice, fucked. However, miracles do happen; it’s just not often, and generally not on demand (i am nonetheless putting in my request).

4. i am perturbed by the suspicion that i am somehow recycling my last life now. There are always continuities between lives but the stitches between that life and this are so close and central, that i feel like i’m playing a computer game for the second time, knowing where i failed the first time, and so differently equipped, with different tactics. i am perturbed because of certain continuities between world events in that life and in this. If things continue in this vein, multicultural Europe is in for some stormy weather.

5. Fuck it, enough angst, i’m going to get a bloody big pizza tonight and finish reading Mansfield Park.  i’m a little in love with Jane Austen. Here’s a picture of England’s foremost lady novelist, between writing sessions. As you can see, she was quite pretty, by 18th Century standards: