Bonehead really should work for the Samaritans. Here’s his sage counsel at this grim moment in my life, as i feel the walls closing in and everything looks exceedingly black and woeful:

“a person owes it to themself to underact the ancient tradition of the berserker, that is a wild last ditch expression of hope and rage at the world before ever considering the guillotine. a grand roadtrip to wherever you can hang you hat, take up every offer of help or opportunity, stay in different cities, penniless, in charity hostels like a tramp, just keep riding the crest of the wave as long as it keeps you, truly with the abandon of one who has nothing to lose but a frightful return to blighty and if failure should come then simply restart your life in another city in blighty – edinburgh is beautiful – a fresh start where you can reinvent yourself and prepare plans, like napoleon, for your dramatic return to greatness.”

and, later:

“i think one doesn’t want the kind of breakneck hanging, one wants the strangulation type, much less painful and traumatic. Rope is a big problem, most types will rip at the skin and catch.

you should invest your energies instead into cursing the gods and becoming an evil emissary, rampaging through euro through europe without a care. if you can surgically remove your conscience you can have a life of extreme pleasures and experiences without the usual guilt and self loathing”