On my travels i came across this amusing and worthwhile site of suicide methods – the author’s preface:

Don’t be boring and just take sleeping pills, go out with style and flare. All these methods require some planning but don’t let that dissuade you. Your life must be pretty pathetic if you’re killing yourself. Why not leave a legacy?

That’s the spirit. There are many excellent ideas for a comedy death but this is my favourite:

Death by Hairball

Difficulty level: 3

Get a cat or a dog and brush it every day. Save the hair until you have a giant hairball. Plug up your nose then shove the hairball into your mouth.

Leave a cryptic note about how you believe little Fluffy or Rover was planning to kill you in your sleep.

i think pet-related deaths are the best. However, my second favourite:

Chop Your Own Head Off While Standing Next to a Major World Leader