My Miltonist passed her exam, hoorah.

Miltonist: They didn´t want to know about literature at all. They only asked questions about Literary Theory and I didn´t know anything!

Elberry: You shouldn´t know anything about it. It´s bad.

Miltonist: Maybe I should know something about it.

Elberry: It´s better not to know.

i´m teaching two long classes on Thursday and Friday, subject: negotiations. i haven´t really done anything like this before and it´s a new class, so i´m a little anxious, and also curious to see how it goes. The length of the classes is worrying – six hours one day, four hours the other – if it goes wrong it´s going to be pretty grim. My aim is to sit back and let them do all the work while i pat my waistcoated belly and nod approvingly. i shall encourage them to be cruel and Glengarry and call each other “bitch”, Alec Baldwin-like: