1. Met another German Miltonist, an oddly sexy cashier at a second-hand bookshop (there are at least three second-hand bookshops in K___). She guided my purchase of appropriate Christmas books for children and Finnish pianists. It was quite an erotic experience. i wanted to make sure she knew i was aroused, so i said, with a significant look, “my aim is to be able to read Goethe.”

2. Have taken to wearing my glasses in public, in order to more discreetly ogle the honeys. It feels really weird wearing glasses while moving – they take away my peripheral vision so i keep swinging my head about paranoically, to make sure German brutes aren´t about to pounce from behind, Boggs-like. i have received many curious and slightly alarmed looks as a result.

3. Every day now i see gimps on the streets. i wonder if it is the weather, the water, or some metaphysical agency, drawing gimps to K___, or perhaps creating gimps. i may begin to interrogate them, “were you born here?”, “how were you gimped?” etc.

4. Teaching tomorrow, a loose-form, largely improvised lesson on “negotiating”; totally different to the bullet-point by-the-book stuff i taught at my last place. The boss gave me an evaluating look as he handed over the materials. i suspect tomorrow and Fridays´classes will be decisive – if i can handle it, more work in January; if not, a Boggs-style sexual assault and then decapitation and dismemberment – that´s the TEFL way.