A kindly reader just sent me enough $$$ to ease my circumstances somewhat. i am, however, going to try to use internet cafes as little as possible, so updates will be a little patchy. i´ve also asked an English friend & fellow asthmatist to mail me some asthma meds – no doubt illegal but whereas i could get a prescription & buy the meds i need for under 20 quid back in Blighty, here i can´t even get to a doctor without exorbitantly pricey medical insurance. Damn the Bosche, we´ll probably both end up in a CIA black hole in Eastern Europe for trading in Ventolin, that most heinous and diabolical of crimes.

Snowing here. Lovely and exalting and cold, but the pavements near the bus station are like an ice rink – no rock salt. Piss poor, i would have expected more from the supposedly efficient Bosche. i feel strangely at home among these incompetent, inefficient folk, who can´t even rustle up a bag of rock salt in December – why, i could almost be back in England.

Yesterday i fell to pondering my future as a teacher. My lesson are probably acceptable but i want to be perfect, or close thereto. In order to become an unstoppable TEFL-sex-machine i need to overcome my old habit of voluble domination, my tendency to instruct, to command, to dictate, as it were. The prophet approach is fine for some things, but totally wrong for TEFL – if your students can only follow 10% of what you say, you suck and should quit to become a wandering, mumbling schizophrenic vagabond, stinking of booze and dead dog and old semen. So if i am to improve, to be good at my job, i must overcome my old vice and learn to be a little less the prima donna, i need to learn to shut up and let other people speak for a change.

This will not be easy.