Still alive but too much going on in the old Elberry brain for any real blogging. i am beset by a bout of agoraphobia and find it increasingly difficult to leave my room when my landlady & boyfriend are in the flat. They are perfectly nice, as Germans go, but tend to constantly and simultaneously occupy the hallway, bathroom, kitchen – all small rooms – so i feel very much the intruder in their flat, disturbing their romantic togetherness with my gloomy aspect and aura of violent death and mutilation. My ideal state is about 90% solitude, 10% company – and the company that of the few people i can stand to talk to for longer than 5 minutes. i find 100% solitude easier than too much company.

i can only blog this much because i disabled comments so need not fear deranged attacks by Feminists and freaks.

It is clear i need a dog, preferably a dobermann.