From Henry James’ The Europeans, a novel about two impoverished European aristocrats who visit their cousins in America; the Europeans’ mother turned Roman Catholic and made a bad marriage. Here we have the Baroness Eugenia meeting her American cousins for the first time:

The Baroness laid her hand upon Charlotte’s arm very tenderly; but she reserved herself. She was wondering whether it would be possible to “stay” with these people. “It would be very charming – very charming,” she said; and her eyes wandered over the company, over the room. She wished to gain time before committing herself. Her glance fell upon young Mr. Brand, who stood there with his arms folded and his hand on his chin, looking at her. “The gentleman, I suppose, is a sort of ecclesiastic,” she added to Mr. Wentworth, lowering her voice a little.

“He is a minister,” answered Mr. Wentworth.

“A Protestant?” asked Eugenia.

“I am a Unitarian, madam,” replied Mr. Brand impressively.

“Ah, I see,” said Eugenia. “Something new.”