i’ve finally got round to putting together a book of my least-worst university essays, and my 11 short stories. It’s called Visitants and is on Lulu here – you can buy a print copy for about a fiver (though p & p may be this much again), or download it electronically for about 3 quid.

There are seven essays, the first written when i was a callow 22, the latter when i was a broken-down old man of 25. They were written at university but i think they have some value – i wrote many more, but these are the only ones i would trouble to put into print. They treat of: Blake, Wordsworth, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, TS Eliot, Plato, and Tolkien.

The stories have mostly been posted here or on The Lumber Room (my deleted blog of woe). Not many people liked them so i wouldn’t bother reading them if i were you. i like them but then i’m not like everyone else.