After reading this article, i was moved to search for a Martin Cruz Smith line about wolves and dogs, and came across this blog. It’s a group effort but there is a particularly good post here:

I have two setters in my life: Rosie (7 years) and Silk (13 years). Rosie is a wide-ranging, stylish girl, and I love to watch her cover open ground. Silk works much closer – a good match for quail in our California chaparral. Though she is intense on point, she does not have Rosie’s style or grace.

It just gets better:

It seems strange that I kill about as many birds over each of them. One might expect that Rosie’s wider range would give her an advantage but it just doesn’t work out that way. I hunted chukar over the weekend and Silk had more points, including a single bird on a hillside that she relocated three times before pinning. Rosie inadvertently bumped one covey – there was almost no breeze and I think she just ran over them. But cautious, slower Silk never had that problem.

There’s not much information about the author but i gather he’s a keen hunter and hound friend. People spend thousands of pounds on creative writing courses to (try to) learn how to write like this. This guy writes beautiful prose because he has something to write about, something he knows and cares about, has observed closely, and lived with. His prose is good because he’s an observant man; and to learn that you’d be better off joining the Army and becoming a scout/sniper than doing a Creative Writing BA, by God.