1. Spent today rewriting my novel and listening to Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. i am generally averse to “the greatest blah blah ever” but in all seriousness this is the greatest album of all time.

2. Found a youtube video of the Bosche girl who was one of my sisters in my Bosche life, some official documentary about social networking – her forte. We’ve emailed often over the last 3 years, sometimes abusively of course, and chatted once via Skype, but to see her in a moving picture is way strange, even stranger than the thought she was once my sister. Of all my siblings from that life, she is the one most likely to end up in a moving picture; she’s also the one who looks most as she did.

3. Line of Bonehead’s, no doubt inspired by the annihilating tedium of office work:

Tuesday night I laid on my kitchen floor for 30 minutes because I didn’t have the will to exist.

i have no work this week and have no word about next week. My monthly credit card repayments are like to strike fear into any man’s heart, and i am nearly at the end of my credit. i will probably get past my 33rd birthday, at the end of February, but after that – . However, i take heart – at least i am not wasting most of my waking hours in an office, under the thumb of harpies and scoundrels and the beastly and beshitten, all the thousand varieties of demon to be found in that foul den of infamy and shame.

4. Mostly i feel only a weary contempt for hippy shitheads who bang on about the evils of the British Empire, and contrarily the glories of Islam, which as we know is all about Rumi. But occasionally, for example after reading this, i feel a little more strongly about the matter. However, i won’t go on about it since the Meccah-lovers will refuse to believe it isn’t a wonderful “spiritual” religion (whirling dervishes, don’t you know), and everyone else already agrees with me. i will instead suggest that a Chinese Catholic Taoist pope would solve all our problems.