i feel free to post Bonehead’s Facebook updates, as they are amusing and he wouldn’t care, and i’m too busy rewriting my increasingly amazing novel to blog:

1. this weekend I will do manthings, sweat mansweat, eat manfood, drink manliquor, watch manfilms and read manbooks in my mancabin while being generally manly.

2. began my manly weekend with a 15k uphill tear across the swampy moors in a very manly 1hr30mins. I only fell once but turned it into a manly stuntman roll so didn’t even stop to wipe the mud off my face. I followed this with a manly dose of fish n chips. Next I’m going to tea-bag around the mancabin then learn some Japanese, a language so tough, it’s positively manly…

3. watashi no namae wa Bonehead desu. Continuing the manly theme, I have just returned from a cafe where I ordered an enormous bucket-sized Americano with enough shots and sugar to kill the average woman stone dead. I drank it while writing in my moleskin pocket-book in the manner of that legend of manliness, Ernest Hemingway.

4. continuing my manweekend, after a night of eating manly leftovers and drinking marsala from the manly isles of sicilia, I slept spread eagled and woke one hour before my alarm clock, like a man. I have just returned from an hour’s hard swimming, in my manly speedos, to a man-breakfast of fried eggs and strong coffee.

Elberry, by contrast, has spent the weekend doing bad Tai Chi and brooding on the coming War.