Lovely piece by Warren Ellis and Nick Cave, from the soundtrack to The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. i haven’t seen the film but from the stills here i’d like to. i sometimes feel my temperament best fits me to be a wandering Billy the Kid style sociopathic killer in the Wild West, a man who rides into town on a near-dead horse, hasn’t eaten or drunk for days and that last drink whiskey, stinks of cordite and mansweat and horsesweat, eyes blasted and demonic, of no discernible place or time save the desert which is forever, his only possessions are weaponry, whiskey, a near-dead horse, saddle, and a pirate edition of the poetry of Emily Dickinson, by God. No wonder i can’t hold down a job.

i am amused that Robert Ford is now invariably referred to as “the coward Robert Ford”. This is a useful and entertaining practice and should be expanded and modified for all great heroes and villains. As a clear-cut villain i think i should be known as “the vicious Elberry”.