Just spent three hours talking to the hot German TEFL woman about: TEFL, grammar,  students, Wittgenstein, Satan, Wallace Stevens, the occult, two of my Finnish friends, Milton, managers, violence, Das Boot, the SS, all the usual things one talks about in a job interview. She’s partly Scandinavian so i did a Viking impersonation and told her: “you Vikings keep pretending you’re all politically correct and liberal and nice but underneath there’s a volcano of berserker rage just waiting to be unleashed.”

She’s given me a green light but passed my details onto the corporate robot in charge, warning me first “she isn’t very intelligent so don’t expect her to be witty or sophisticated. She will talk about professionalism and customer care but try not to laugh at her.”

She also despises Judith Butler though for some reason she likes Derrida – but then she is a Bosche, so allowances must be made. She hates and despises her manager. i explained her superior to her thus: “these people are insects, they get by in the world precisely because they lack any imagination, they are filthy scum and all you can do is hope they get run over.”

That’s the Elberry interview method.