A brother-in-TEFL a bit further south in Das Reich advised me to apply for a position at his school – similar to my last, i gather – ill-paid, with a top-down system, a rigid pedagogical theory, factory-line stuff with brutal punishments and mass graves. However, his boss sounds pretty cool and a quick Google search turned up a video of her going on about Austrian literature, which cannot but warm my heart. She’s also quite hot.

i have a phone interview with her in a couple of hours. i considered doing some of the old runic hoodoo but the twists & hideous turns of fate have led me to conclude that one should just take what comes and only use magic when it is clearly indicated.

There is really no point hoping or wishing for anything concrete, like a particular job – readers of my last blog may recall i was pleased to get a job in Germany last August – but in a superficial sense, it would have been better to get a job in the Far East, where competence or even sanity are neither required nor expected, to have worked there for a year to develop my own method and style, and only then come to Europe. However, this is only superficial – the protracted uncertainty and desperation of the last six months has been good for my character and hence my novel; also, i wouldn’t have met the delightful and extremely interesting Murtaugh family had i not been in the shit – so best to just take what happens day by day, keep a weapon close to hand and don’t expect anything other than a hard death in the snow.

The foolish man lies awake all night

and worries about things;

he’s tired out when the morning comes

and everything’s just as bad as it was.

(Havamal, tr. Carolyne Larrington)