i was very professional with the TEFL überboss and so now have a job in the centre of Das Reich, with another large and cruel language school; though my brother-in-TEFL says it’s okay and the sexy German babe who i think is a kind of 2nd-in-command sounded interestingly morbid and Scandinavian on the phone. i imagine she dresses all in black and says things like “now the punishment begins for you, ja?”, also she may eat human flesh and decorate the school with skulls and instruments of torture and pictures of Schopenhauer. It’s a good job she doesn’t know about this blog.

i have about 200 Euros left and my present employer in K___  has now ignored three emails asking to be paid for my work in January. i’m not optimistic about getting my bond back from my landlady, not because i’ve painted valknuts all over the walls in blood, but because it seems standard practice to withold bonds. i lack the will for a legal battle in German so if my boss & landlady refuse to pay me i’ll just have to shrug and hope they don’t come to too grisly an end, eaten by ravens. i suspect my boss has gone broke as the only email i’ve had from him since January was a circular, an offer to sell his “extra” office supplies to anyone who wants them.

And now the ritual of packing everything into suitcases and trying to find a flat begins anew; oh, and begging friends for yet more money.