i’m planning to join my brother-in-TEFL in the town he calls Ultima Thule in mid-March. Not wholly sure what i’ll do about finding somewhere to live but i assume something will turn up (with a little sorcery). Burglar-like i’ve been casing the joint and to my amusement, consternation, and curiosity, i find what seems to be a neo-Nazi rune gild based in this tiny town in the middle of nowhere (or rather, in the middle of Germany). My brother-in-TEFL David (who looks like Jesus) reports several encounters with old school Nazi stormtroopers in leather trousers and comedy moustaches, so with my mongrel appearance i imagine i will be kicked to death quite quickly. i shall put myself under the protection of Herr Hjaldrgoð, on the understanding that he will betray me when my time comes.

Although Ultima Thule looks fucking horrible i feel it may be interesting to me. i expect nothing but pain and humiliation and oppression but that aside, i am curious to see why i am not dead. i note that two of my friends have visited Ultima Thule, which suggests the location (if not the actual, existing town) ties us together. One of these friends is my Finnish pianist friend Minna, who was my eldest sister in my last life, and who was then more like a mother (our actual mother being a kind of non-presence); the other was my mother in Egypt about 3 millenia go, and in this life opened a door in my life, about 12 years ago. There are many parallels between these two and for a while i wondered if they were simultaneous incarnations – but i think it is rather that they are just very similar, and so a similar logic prevails between us. For both these women to have visited this undistinguished heap of concrete in the middle of the Teuton wilderness, suggests it ties us together in some way – the geographical location, that is. i don ‘t believe i visited it in any of the lives i recall, but who knows. It promises to be inspiringly grim and i look forward to inspecting the subhuman inhabitants, and subjecting them to psychological experiments.

i think the thing is to enslave the local populace right away, to impose my will upon them and put them in uniforms to give them a sense of self-worth and dignity. Then they will be ready to serve my purposes.