i write from Morgana´s flat. Alone.

Alone save for Bones. i talk to Bones from time to time. Bones doesn´t pay me much heed. Bones is currently trotting curiously about Morgana´s flat, sniffing things and wagging his tail. His owner, a fellow TEFLer, has left him in my care for the week so i am being very responsible and mature and adult.

Earlier i took Bones for a walk. Morgana lives about 2 minutes away from a beautiful and seemingly endless park (daunting German trees, bloody huge black crows, a lake, and yes, ducks) so Bones and i went for a stroll, naturally i got us lost and we spent two hours wandering around, increasingly tired and cold and despairing. If i´d had any credit left on my phone i would have called Morgana and wailed: “Bones got us lost! There´s a really big tree in front of me, and some trees to the left and right, and more behind me. The crows are looking at me in this horrible way. i´m scared. Which way do i go?”

However, it´s just as well i didn´t have any credit because she would have just said: “Are you being deliberately stupid? You´re really pissing me off. Right, now I´m going to leave the office to look for you and when I find you I´m going to cut your head off and use it as a fucking wine glass, you retarded person, and I´m only going to drink really disgusting cheap wine out of it – that´s how much you´re pissing me off.”

She is really cool.