1. Morgana invited me to come to the school last night, something to do with a workshop about Bollocks English. i accepted then realised i had no idea why i was going:

Elberry: Is this workshop for teachers or clients or what?

Morgana: No, just for clients.

Elberry: Will I have to act all professional like with them?

Morgana: Oh Jesus, I don´t want you to meet them. But there´s a buffet and I thought you could eat the left over food.

Elberry: Oh well, eating leftover food is within my powers. Being professional no, eating left overs, yes.

2. More splendour. Curious that i feel sure of my literary judgement but with art i am often indifferent to supposed masterpieces, so i really don´t know if these pictures are great art – they just seem really really good to me.

3. Bones is back, the little four-legged scamp, tear-assing around the flat sniffing things and wagging his tail. i´m looking forward to going out for some kind of lunch with him in tow – each time i took him out last time, people would say things in Bosche, admiringly. Perhaps this time i will meet some classy German MILF who will, however, brutally reject me when she learns that he´s not actually my dog. So it goes.