Last night, Morgana rang the guy who´s living in the Philosophenweg flat whereof i wrote; after an animated conversation, it was agreed that i can come by this evening, to present myself for inspection. It´s a 3-bedroom flat with a guy and a girl already in situ. It looks good for two reasons:

1. The girl who showed me round last time (predictably enough, given the street name, she´s called Sophie) just rang to say that when she told the girl i was English and polite, said girl exclaimed: “He is English! He must live here!” Actually, now i come to think of it that might just be scary and weird, and many many grim future posts, with titles like “why i hate living in this flat” and “never share a flat with a psycho woman” will link back to this post to indicate the futility of attempted foresight.

2. It turns out that the animated conversation between Morgana and the guy consisted largely of him trying to chat her up. When she asked what time i could come round, he asked if she could come too, to translate. Yeah, right, to translate. This will be an interesting meeting as, in addition to being an evil elf, Morgana is a sex magnet and femme fatale of the kind you really shouldn´t get close to, but it´s so hard to resist, and anyway even if you end up chained to her basement radiator, the route there will be interesting.

i want my own flat; however, i really like living with Morgana in her flat full of skulls, dogs, German literature, booze, angst, and magenta. After a typical Morgana conversation (i.e. about sex) i thought “damn, why couldn´t i meet someone this cool when i was a teenager, and i thought women were bland and annoying?” But, i then reflected, contemplating her lovely miscoloured eyes (one blue, one green), her aura of death and sex and wildness, her cruelty and mirth and compassion, she would have probably terrified teen-Elberry.