Hoorah, Red Letter Media has finally released a review of the worst film ever made, Attack of the Clones. i particularly enjoyed this section, which dwells on the “love” between Vader and Portman:

i think The Phantom Menace review was even funnier, as his entire pent-up bile and disappointment spewed out onto that first lousy prequel, leaving only weary contempt and bemusement for Attack of the Clones. i saw The Phantom Menace at the cinema back in ’97, in the company of Shrekh, my Muslim school acquaintance. Midway through the speeder chase i realised my brain had switched off and i couldn’t remember anything that had happened in the last 30 minutes. i tried to figure out why an annoying small child was taking part in a dangerous speeder chase on a desert planet, watched by two bland and unconvincing Jedi paedophiles, but couldn’t remember, and so spent the rest of the film thinking about films i’d rather be watching, like Apocalypse Now and Predator.

After the  worthless film ended i wondered what kind of person could possibly enjoy this dreck, and told Shrekh about my speeder chase mental failure. He gushed: “Yeah but it was like really cool, ‘cos like the special effects and everything were like really good.” And there i had my answer.