Strange, almost nightmare-like dreams last night of an Alien (as in versus Sigourney Weaver/Predator):

The beast was ferociously eating its way into someone’s chest in order to implant an embryo – it seems unrealistic, even in the terms of the films, as the victim would die instantly, but in the dream it seemed to stand for an aggression that devours and possesses the victim.

i occasionally had nightmares in my childhood, up to my early 20s, but i haven’t had one in a decade, so  i spent a while brooding about last night’s visitation. i believe the alien, with its horrific, inhuman appearance, and horrific, inhuman energy, represents the darker energies, which sometimes visit and sometimes possess human beings – in the form of anger, cruelty, hatred, and so on.

i am told that “spirits” (dead people) can communicate with especially open or vulnerable human beings – and if so inclined, they can possess or at least strongly influence the living. However, this is (i think) just a more dramatic and uncanny version of what living people do to each other – my father, who was a terrifying, permanently angry human being, totally dominated my weak, childish mother, till finally some undevoured part prompted her to break away. Likewise, in a less malevolent fashion, i thoroughly dominated my “friends” in my last life.

A couple of weeks ago i tried a cocooning spell to protect someone who may or may not have been troubled by malign and predatory spirits. i felt it would do no harm, at least. During the spell i felt something unfriendly brush my mind. Strange as i am, my mind is in many ways quite normal – that is, protected against such influences (if we were not so, ordinary life would be almost impossible). However, i felt (or felt i felt) an annoyed and malign presence trying to see what i was, if i could be reached. Perhaps it was simply my imagination, since the imagination is unusually vivid during magical work.

It occurred to me that perhaps the thing had tried to reach into my mind during sleep, when everyone is relatively undefended; but i think it’s simpler and less crazy to say i have been thinking about aggression a great deal of late, and what it means to possess another human being – and the dream alien embodies that devouring aggression. i don’t really respond to aggression, to darker energies – or at least not on the aggressor’s terms. This is partly prudence, that i see no point butting heads with anyone; but partly, although aggression, and the will to devour other people, is fairly common among human beings, i don’t see it as an originally human impulse, that is, it is not how we were meant to be. It is more like a virus, a corruption. So aggression, though invigorating and useful, is somehow not entirely human. In one sense, it is “human, all too human”, but when i consider human beings i see different strata, different kinds of energy, some natively good, some malignly imported, and the original nature seems to me realer, more human. The alien-like ferocity is more noticeable, has greater immediate impact, than the original, human energies, but  it has a febrile, not wholly real quality.

And so i usually respond to aggression by shutting down, sidestepping, or going away; or, occasionally, simply throwing my will over the aggressor like a blanket, and draining their darkness (this is harder). i try not to respond directly because when someone is given to their anger, i no longer feel to be in the room with a human being – but rather with something more like the ravening, mindless alien. It’s also good to bear in mind that the “alien” is not the person; it is the darkness they momentarily host; and in time they will turn against it too (though it may be a long time). If they do turn against this darkness, it must be from the midst of their light, their native grace – so one should address that light, respond fully and humanly to it from one’s own grace – and then the real may come through, in time.