Assorted photographs i took of Durham cathedral, interior and exterior (i took them on different days, hence different skies). The following two are from the “front” facing onto Palace Green. The Bailey, with my old college, is around the back.

And in the inner courtyard:

The little white window near the centre features in my novel, from the other side – it used to be the flat of an old friend, and i stole it for my novel. It was quite wonderful sitting on her windowseat, looking out at the monks and what not (i have no idea if they were real monks or priests or just nutters).

When i lived in St John’s i would use the cathedral as a short cut between the supermarket and my room. Occasionally, i would reprimand myself for not really noticing the beauty, but i think it’s rather that i noticed it in the subtle, pervasive way that one appreciates any daily good. i didn’t “notice” it because i already knew it was there; but nor was i oblivious, or indifferent. That grave beauty framed my younger life, the other beauties i had, did not have.