i had a long one-on-one lesson with a portly engineer on Friday, a most amusing sexual degenerate who i shall call Rolf for blogging purposes. In one-on-one lessons it is natural to go through the materials very quickly, so i usually fill in the time with conversation about whatever interests the student, with error correction and, if necessary, remedial grammar. i greatly enjoy my lessons with Rolf, whose English – to the credit of my method – has notably improved. A typical exchange:

Rolf: I am tired. I was very perverted last night. After the lesson I will do some work and then go home. I must sleep. The weekend will be a very perverted weekend.

Elberry: Can’t you tell your boss you’re too tired to work, after all that perversion?

Rolf: Oh no, my work is very important. I must go around the building and watch the workers, to see if they are perverted. If they are not I must say, come here, you must improve your work and be more perverted or we will fire you and replace you with prostitutes from the Reeperbahn.

Elberry: A specialist in sexual perversion.

Rolf: Yes, that is my work. I am a consultant. It is very important for the company, to be very perverted.

Elberry: Is it as important as, for example, being good at your job and skilled and experienced, and so on?

Rolf: No no, those things are not important. It is only important that a worker is very sexually perverted.