A long day today, teaching from 0730 to 1715 without breaks. The bulk of it was a pair of railway accountants, an amusing and pleasantly chatty pair. One had to leave early; i spent the remaining hour chatting with the other about pagan deities and human sacrifice and what not. i asked him for recommendations in Germany, old crumbling towns full of ghosts and honeys, such as i cherish; i explained that i feel at home only when i can connect to an earlier life, where there is a history, a physical lineage of stone and word and people; whereas i feel modern cities to be somehow not wholly real, as if, for me, ” reality” is history, a felt past, tradition and memory, survival. He commented, of the past, ancestral and insistent as it is, “we are never alone”.

The living are tirelessly attended, sometimes discreetly, sometimes not. Gods can be discreet or not, as they choose.