i believe Morgana models herself on this Vader. She has a rather posh English accent but swears volubly, with venom and aggression. “Cunt”, “fucker”, “shit”, and “motherfucker” are often heard emanating from her office.

Last night i met Ethan’s current girlfriend, a German girl who speaks English like a North Carolina redneck. No swearing, but she spent 13 months in NC when she was 19 and she sounds thoroughly American, 100% trailer trash. She is quite nice and her accent is hilarious, and, comedy aside, enjoyable. The other teachers kept doing white trash impersonations at her, to her good-natured dismay. “But ah AIN’T trailer trash!” she exclaimed, in her authentic Deep South cracker accent. “Ah’s from Cologne,y’all!” Which only prompted further gales of laughter.

“Mah daddy beat me upside mah head!” i wailed at her. “He said ah done drunk his moonshahn!”

Cruel but highly amusing.