1. The coffee with Juniper went surprisingly amazingly well. It was so awesome it was kind of surreal and dream-like. We sat in the afternoon sun drinking our coffee and talking; i admired her silently, then as it were shrugged and told her she has “the most beautiful voice i’ve ever heard.” She blushed and told me i was exaggerating.

“Not at all. i thought about it. i know women with nice voices. But yours is the most beautiful.”

Apparently, no one has ever praised her voice, which seems strange given that even Kevin, a 24-year-old sex maniac teacher, who would i fear not understand the MILF Dynamic, says her voice is pure music. Perhaps they are daunted, as she seems so self-contained and impeccable. It amuses me as, in 2005, one of the few decent managers i had, a pretty almost-MILF, had generally-blue eyes which changed colour from day to day, and when i told her this she was both pleased & surprised, since no one had told her.

Likewise with Juniper, she seems unaware of her own grace. i exacted a promise to stay in touch via email when i leave UT; she postscripted her promise: “and when you are in Munich you will send me a picture of yourself so I can see you are well.”

i am delicately hoping that nothing terrible will happen in my last days. i half-expect to turn up to work tomorrow to find her reserved, distant, already regretting our unspontaneous coffee, a step away from calling the cops to get a restraining order. This wouldn’t surprise me but i am occasionally surprised.

2. Aside from Juniper and the local park i will not greatly miss UT. The view out of the windows at work:

It is really horrible.

3.  i’m glad i’m Elberry and not a Ken doll (of Ken & Barbie fame). An excerpt from Ken’s secret diary:

So the car ride itself was pretty uneventful, given that I spent it at the bottom of a bag. Still, exciting just to know I was in a car. When we got to the campground, Lindsey was told to play with her brother Scott for awhile, and for the two of them to “just shut up” for a second while the grown-ups figured out how to raise the tent-trailer they borrowed from the Fletchers. So that’s how Sun Sensation Barbie and I met one of Scott’s friends, Grimlock.

Grimlock is so fucking cool. He is a dinosaur, which is awesome, but he is also a robot too! I know, right? He has got a gun and a sword and he’s been on TV. That stupid idiot Lindsey wanted Grimlock to marry Sun Sensation Barbie, but Grimlock wasn’t having any of that, and he bit Barbie right in the goddamned leg! Fucking right! Anyways, Grimlock lent me his sword and we fought for a little while. Lindsey got bored pretty quick and that was the end of that, but I was exhilarated. That was maybe the happiest minute of my life.

4. i went to a cool pub on Monday with Gordon, an improbable friend of my hippy flatmate. In the hip but not hippy pub we heard music by the Alin Coen Band. i youtubed it and then came across Illute via the usual youtube linking:

So, it’s not just Rammstein and Wagner.

5. On Saturday, the terrifying Morgana will reclaim the furniture she lent me 12 months ago. If i can find a flat with the Viking, it will probably be unfurnished. Since each time i move flat/house i am beset by mountains of possessions, i am drawn to the prospect of living in a furniture-less flat, sleeping in the corner curled up like a dog. When i told this to Juniper, she suggested i at least procure a dog basket and some dog biscuits; she then confessed to having almost eaten dog biscuits, because “they look so delicious.”

Had she eaten the dog biscuits, i would have proposed marriage.