i have a room in Munich, a basement in a house i share with 13 dogs, several cats, and two kangeroos, the landlady being an animal trainer for the circus. There’s also an as yet unseen Croatian tenant somewhere on the 1st floor, and a Viennese drunk who potters about talking to the dogs. The house is large and crammed with approximately 1,000,000 pieces of junk – i say junk, as perhaps some of it is valuable but it is almost impossible to make one’s way through the labyrinth, and so for me it is junk.

It seems the room was in high demand but for some reason she took an instant shine to me; perhaps my coming was foretold of yore by the kangeroos. When i asked whether she needed the rent in cash or as an electronic transfer, she said: “Egal. It is not important. Only the human being is important.”

She strikes me as a little or indeed extremely nutty, but largely unconcerned about herself, and so not greedy like most landlords.

i don’t have internet access and can’t figure out how to get it, so blogging will be sparse. When i ask my landlady about it, she says i must make a contract with the cable company but i have no idea who to call so am reduced to gazing speculatively at the cable socket in the hope that it will, somehow, arrange itself.