i have a job in Munich, just a few hours so far but if i can get steady work in May i should be more or less okay. i had an interview with the Director of Studies yesterday, the Munich Morgana, if you will. She used to be an archaeologist, doing digs in Luxor, where i worked about 3 millenia ago. When i mentioned the little village where i lived in that life, she knew it and said her “favourite tomb” is there. i almost said: “was it mine?”, but i imagine i was probably torn to pieces by jackals or enraged women, so no grave for Egyptian Elberry.

In this life i imagine i will be shot out of a cannon at the Muslim hordes, and detonated as an Elberry “dirty bomb”, covering them in my gore and viscera and entrails and bits of spine and eyeball. So no grave for 21st Century Elberry.