My first classes in Munich today, for two different schools. A nice morning group, 90 minutes chit chat with a little grammar, for which i will be paid 50 Euros, then an evening class supposedly for 2 hours 15 minutes but only one student turned up and he had to leave early, so we chatted about how the Muslims are ruining Germany – for this i should be paid 60 Euros.

All good. However, between classes i returned home – a bad move, for on the way to the second i was for the third time attacked by my landlady’s dogs, and today was first blood as one bit my leg. i understood that they would take a while to get used to me – my hippy flatmate’s neurotic dog, in Ultima Thule, barked at me for a couple of days before she learnt to accept my presence. But i’ve now been in this house for ten days, these dogs see me every day, and if the landlady isn’t around they surge at me in a mass of deranged hatred, barking and snarling and taking little nips out of my bag and trousers (and today, my leg). So far i’ve dealt with it by freezing and waiting for her to scream at them, but evidently even immobility isn’t enough now.

i feel extremely reluctant to return or to continue living there but since i almost certainly won’t get my bond back (it’s standard for landlords to refuse to repay it), and i have almost no money left, i have no options, nowhere to go. i feel bleak and murderous and am considering purchasing some manner of stout walking stick, which would, in fact, do service as a dog-thrashing stick.

i also have rabies now.