1. Teaching has begun in earnest, at last. i now have enough work from small language schools, paying 20 to 25 € for 45 minutes, that i can turn down the 13€/45 minutes work of the big corporation, for which i worked in Ultima Thule. The big corporation may get nasty, as i will have to wriggle out of teaching a HR manager, and i think they wanted me to do the whole course with her – an important client, since she has the power to send groups to our school – but i can earn twice as much teaching for smaller schools, and without real money i can’t afford to get a flat of my own. i also don’t trust the big corporation an inch – so i see no reason to give them my loyalty.

2. i’ve been attacked twice by the dogs in the last couple of days. Yesterday they nearly made me miss my tram – i exited the house, whereupon they ran over, snarling, and hemmed me in against the building, preventing my escape through the front garden to the gate. Counting the minutes till my tram, i started to edge towards the front gate; this excited one of the beasts sufficiently to nip my leg – luckily, he only ripped a hole in my trousers. However, this was enough to alarm me, and i started screaming “help!”. It took five minutes of screaming, flailing my bag at the dogs to keep them back, before my landlady appeared. When i told her one of them had bit me, she said i should have just grabbed a stone and beaten it. i nodded politely and ran for my tram, reflecting that had i beaten her dog to death, i doubt she would have been too pleased, and against three dogs (one small, one medium-large, one large), anything less than a death beating would be foolishly lenient.

And again, today as i tried to leave one made a sudden lunge for my leg (the same dog which bit me a couple of weeks ago); this time i turned to meet his attack and screamed in his face, a Muad’dib killing scream. i was ready to grab the little shit and break its neck, and i think it felt the pure hatred in my voice – and so i gained enough time to unlock the gate and make my exit.

So far i am dealing with the situation by leaving early in the morning, before they are released, and only returning after dark, when they are in their kennels. However, i am spending huge amounts of money on green tea in cafes; while doing a great deal of handwriting on my novel & rune studies, so it’s not all bad.

3. i have an amusing student at the big evil corporation – a lawyer who wants to pass an assessment (in English), to become a partner in the firm. He looks like “corruption is why we win” lawyer from Syriana

His manner is however nervous and geekish. He says the problem isn’t really his English, it’s that to be a partner he must convince people, he must seem more in control, and in truth he’s happy looking at documents in some backroom somewhere. i like him and have made him my mission – to transform him from a geek into Patrick Bateman or better yet, Alec Baldwin:

To this end i have unofficially completely abandoned the school materials and am coaching him on body language, voice control, acting techniques, starting with the exhortation to watch all Alec Baldwin movies ASAP.