i found a new flat yesterday, the first i viewed, hoorah. It seems many other hopefuls emailed or phoned, but i was the first to visit, and the landlord seemed to relish speaking Dinglish with me. It’s a 1st floor studio flat, so i needn’t share my kitchen or bathroom with hippies or lunatics anymore. The rent is only slightly more than i’m already paying for a dank horrible basement. i get my own balcony, and might take up smoking crack so i can of an evening wear shirt sleeves and puff away, thoughtfully. i spent 3 hours chatting with the landlord on the balcony, and i got a good feeling from him – honest, humorous, competent, decent, so far as i could tell. He works as a kind of jack-of-all-trades business Bosche, doing insurance broking, owning property, and in his youth worked as a skiing & windsurfing instructor.

i hope to move in soon! i also look forward to breaking the joyous news to my demented landlady tonight, i imagine her reaction will be to scream and threaten and so on, in true German style.