So, i have a new flat and all is well, barring demented phone calls from the kangaroo house landlady – i decided to keep the kangarhaus keys till the end of June, since i’ve paid this month’s rent; she has now called me several times, threatening to change the locks and charge me therefore; then, when i stopped answering the phone, she called two of my language schools, apparently leaving strange messages about “unauthorised visitors” and the locks. My new landlord, Reinhard, says he will write her a letter to the effect that the kangarhaus wasn’t fit for human habitation, so she must return the security bond forthwith. In any case, i’ve decided not to think about it too much. Luckily, she doesn’t know where i live, though perhaps she will stake out my school and i will have to come into work incognito. It’s a great mercy to have a decent landlord for a change.

Reinhard proves increasingly sound and chappish. He’s in his mid 50s, wiry, tough, moustachioed, humorous, and decent. He seems one of those unusual cases – a moderately successful businessman who doesn’t cheat, trick, lie, or otherwise screw people. He picked me up from the kangarhaus, helping me to load his car for the transit to Germering (a quiet suburb, about 20 minutes to the west of Munich); he took photographs of the mould on the kangarwalls, the insane clutter & filth, all the while chuckling “wonderful”.

After dropping my stuff off, he gave me a little tour of Germering; we stopped by an arcade of old trees by a converted schloss. A few years ago, the G wanted to cut them all down, but the Volk rose up in protest and the trees were spared, thanks be. Reinhard won another Chap Star by telling me, approvingly: “these trees are two hundred years old. I like this place. I like…old things.”

i feel in the right place. On my first morning, i awoke to the sound of crows and magpies, and then the daylight coming through the broad south-facing windows. There is a slight strangeness to the area – not in a creepy, kangarhaus way, it just feels a little different to the rest of the world, set apart. i felt this quite quickly, a sense that the place is protected, closer to the gods, though presumably not so close or only people like me would live there.

After the old arcade, Reinhard drove us back to my flat. We passed this sign a few minutes later:

Apparently, it means “danger of ice/snow”, though some readers will know of another meaning, and understand why, coming as it did as i was contemplating this feeling of being protected, i stared a little; and why, when we passed Walkürenstraße a few seconds later, i was further astonished; later, i Googled it to see if i’d imagined the whole thing, and found we’d also driven past Wotanstraße and Odinstraße. My home is a few minutes hence.

i found this room under the aspect of Eihwaz. i feel i am rooted in this place, that there is a power and a favour here, and i will finally be able to get to work, to justify my 35 years, my 4700 years, my world. For it evidently stands in need of justification.