i now have internet at home, a surfstick, but despite the advertised connection (up to 7.2 MB/s), it averages out at about 3 KB/s, so not strong enough to really do anything. i can’t seem to get anything else, as any other option involves an engineer coming to my flat on a day when i have work. i can’t really be bothered to blog – most of my mental energy is wasted on worrying about money, and my current adversary, perhaps my greatest yet – the DKV, Deutsche Krankenversicherung. That’s right, my greatest problem is my medical insurance company. i’ve tried to get out of the contract but the vampires want as much of my blood as they can get and it looks like i’ll have to go to an ombudsmann. i have no idea if i have a case or not – the only things in my favour are that the policy is totally wrong for me, specifically designed so i pay an enormous sum of money and get absolutely nothing back; and that the representative lied to me to get me to sign it (he told me the premiums would go down after 9 months). Whether this is enough, i don’t know. In any case i can’t afford to pay them any more and am feeling increasingly desperate, homicidal, wrathful, etc. This is consuming almost all my energy so if anyone wants to help, feel free to email the DKV to tell them they are very bad people and belong in prison, or on the gallows.