Now i have a letter from the Deutsche Krankenversicherung threatening to get a debt collection agency on me. A summary of my dealings with the DKV:

October 2010 – i meet a representative who claims to speak no English. i now wonder if he in fact speaks no English, or if they deliberately chose one of the few Germans who can’t speak English, so everything would be as difficult as possible for me. He says the cheapest contract, given i have asthma, is 550 € a month, but it will drop by about 100 to 200 a month after 9 months. Morgana remembers this, as she was present.

After 9 months the payments are still obscenely high. A colleague calls them and they say there are no contracts where the premiums drop after 9 months, that i must be mistaken. i now realise they purposefully lied to me.

i run out of money as my work in Munich drops to less than 1000 € a month and i get new bills for tax, etc. i run out of medication because, after paying the DKV 550 € a month, i have no money left for medication. i get seriously ill and have to call an emergency doctor. The doctor charges 570 € for 10 minutes’ work.

According to my contract, i must pay about 700 € a year myself, and the DKV will only reimburse me if i spend above this limit. So every month i pay the DKV 550 €, and when i need to go to a doctor i also have to pay this myself.

At the moment, i have about 5 € in my bank account. In one week i will be paid about 200 € for the scraps of work tossed my way by my main school. At the end of September i’ll be paid about 300 € by another school. From this i need to get 400 € for October’s rent, and 200 € for my tax payments, and 25 € for my electricity bill. i can try to ride the s-bahns and u-bahns for free, though if caught i face fines and beastings. i can do without food for long periods without any real effects. i also have an emergency doctor bill of 570 €, now overdue, and my tax consultant just sent me a bill of 130 € for postponing my taxes. In a few days i should get a bill for the doctor i went to last week, to get more Ventolin (this will probably be another 100 €, at least).

And in this latest letter from the DKV, they are threatening to send debt collectors to my flat. If they are like English collectors, i suppose they will force entry into my flat and take all my books, clothes, my laptop, and attack me if i resist. The DKV, who lied to me to make me sign the contract, and who gave me the worst possible contract, say i have to stay with them until 2012 at least, and can only leave if i go through various hellishly complicated administrative hoops.

i don’t mean to let things get any worse. However, there is nothing i can do in terms of reasoning with the DKV (who are determined to get as much money as possible out of me), i can’t and won’t borrow yet more money, and no one can help me. Curious timing, as my landlord, an insurance broker, is in a coma after a severe heart attack – he is i think the only person who could have helped me. So it all comes at the right time.

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