i’m occasionally perturbed by the thought that a random madman could produce something to equal Shakespeare. Especially with writers like Rimbaud, Kafka,  Beckett, TS Eliot, Wallace Stevens, Wittgenstein, i worry that a 5-year-old child could produce comparable works, albeit in very short doses. Today, i find Brit rightly likening one of his commentators to Samuel Beckett, and i find it not so ridiculous. Some samples from the modern Beckett:

They will go to the supermarkets and view the beef – for example, it will say, Scottish Beef. They will feel sick, They will look at what is next to the Scottish Beef and it will say, Irish Beef. This will not make them feel so grand either; however, they will put the Irish Beef into their baskets, for, who wants to eat something that remembers them of something awful. I could go on and on.

Before I start, I should not have used the term “a load of shit,” for I know that children could possibly read this and although the word is now in some dictionaries I bet, if a young school child said to his teacher that his teaching was a load of shit he would be in big trouble.
I hope the site provider does not take it off, as it would be difficult for me to re-write that piece.

My writings seem not so good to me… I have not reviewed the latest ones, I am firing from the hip, as the term goes. I get the feeling that they are a little rough and rugged. I feel that way. Hopefully, you will be able to see that I have tried to write from a humble disposition.

Some things I write I have great experience in and other things I have written I have written light-heatedly, lacking preciseness, and I have tried to write from a total third person standpoint, which, has been difficult.

Yet, let me not forget, I am not an expert on the numbers of Norse and Saxons and so forth in all the great battles.

I do not watch movies anymore, especially historical ones and it is due to all the nonsense.

However, folk simply bypass facts do they not and then start to think that they are marvelous.

A good story I believe, yet, they still probably ended up chiseling stone.

It was still a total disgrace mind.

Now I am finished.

Like I say though, I am not an expert on many of things I have written and I think in the future I will pass contributing.

So, take my writings with a pinch of salt; however, I am only off by a tad if anything.

Many things are built in England. I bet you did not know that BMW 3 & 5 series engines are built in England?

It is the world of business. It is a different world to the secular normal run of things.

Something else I looked into was Britain’s role in Afghanistan. When I write Britain I include Ulster and the Irish regiments too; however, writing all that out would be a chore indeed.

Now, you cannot tell me that those men do not look rugged.

One thing many folk in the UK do not realize is that Scottish Whiskey has been one of Britain’s biggest exports for more years than I know, i.e. a serious number of years, possibly one hundred. It is staggering one way or the other.

Is not a tank’s job to fight other tanks? It is indeed.

No doubt you guessed that I was a man of religion by now anyhow.

And so on. After Brit deletes 3 of his posts – i guess because they aren’t suitable for a family audience – Beckett becomes understandably nervous, attempting to explain the content of the disappeared posts, and to defend himself against Brit’s accusations of racism. An interesting tactic, deleting posts and then telling everyone they were “racist drivel”, but of course no one can read them so no one can know. It occurs to me i could re-enable comments and simply delete anything i don’t like, with a bland “sorry, but i can’t let people post paedophiliac rape fantasies on my blog”. It would be quite diverting to watch the commentators desperately try to defend themselves. They would become increasingly frantic, and perhaps i could push things a little further by deleting some of their apologetics, with another bland “I told you I won’t tolerate anecdotes about how you raped your cellmate.”