1. Came across this excellent black metal video. It doesn’t get better than this:

2. i was teaching today, my students went out for a coffee so i started prowling about looking for things to steal or break. Each room comes with a lot of stationery, including a pair of pretty good scissors so i ended up cutting my hair and throwing it out of the window. i became excitable and had to restrain myself from cutting it all off, amusing though it would have been to witness my students’ admiring looks on their return.

3. As part of the lesson i gave a roleplay to the students, one was a skilled and unreplaceable worker, who had taken to coming into work drunk, late, stoned, and listening to Bob Marley. The others were his managers. i gave the role of the bad worker to the most serious student, who took to it with aplomb. There were some excellent lines, e.g.:

Manager: So you are coming in the work drunk this week.

Worker stares silently.

Manager: Do you thinking this is a good way?

Worker: Do you want a joint? You are very tense I think. I have a very fine cigarette for you from Jamaica. You make the work better when you smoke my cigarette.

Manager: I cannot smoke your cigarette.

Worker: Why not? It is very fine. Everything is very fine.