1. In Kassel with Juniper, drunk on Hütten Geist (48% vol.). One of my students drove me up, a renegade wildman in a big black SUV, he looks like the Kurgan, smokes & drinks, owns a 200 € sword and plans to buy a wolf/dog hybrid to guard his hearth. At work he wears a Special Forces pullover (he was in the Wehrmacht for 8 years and his grandfather was a Waffen SS killer) but yesterday pulled up, in his Kurganmobile, wearing a black leather jacket highly reminiscent of the Kurgan’s NY garb. i sat in the back, his girl in the front, and occasionally saw his cold Aryan eyes in the mirror, as he was narrating some anecdote of murder and smoking, and thought, “holy shit, one of my students is the Kurgan”

He dropped his girlfriend off then we drove up together alone, talking manly talk and listening to 90s dance music (his preferred driving music). Most of it was not my cup of tea but this amused & pleased me:

i discovered that it is possible to dance while sitting down, as we both danced and sang merrily along at 200 kmph (with disgust, he told me the Kurganmobile can only easily go up to 200; his old Audi could go up to 240). Then it ended and he cursed the mechanics who had fitted his huge black Kurganmobile with cheap windscreen wipers: “These are bullshit wipers! I am so fucking angry! This is so total bullshit! I will take them off and kill everyone with them! I will go to the garage and say hey, fucker, now you die with your bullshit windscreen wipers! And I will kill them all!” Naturally i encouraged him, as after all i am his teacher and so obliged to provide moral instruction & guidance in loco parentis, loco being the operative word with the Kurgan.

He drives like the Kurgan, fast and brutal, usually smoking or eating a burger. He has a disconcerting habit of suddenly letting go of the wheel to gesticulate or grab cigarettes, usually while accelerating into a bad death curve and overtaking lesser vehicles with contempt.

When we arrived at Kassel i asked if i could contribute something to the fuel, since a train would have cost me 50 €, even with my Deutsche Bahn card. He said, puzzled, “why?” i tried to explain about how he had saved me 50 € but he didn’t seem to understand the concept of payment so i instead invited him for coffee with Juniper. He exposulated amusingly about the rich kids at his company: “one guy, this is so bullshit, the first problem he has in his whole life when he is 18, should he buy a red Porsche or a white Porsche, and this is his last problem. This is so fucking bullshit.”

i am now with Juniper and will return with with the Kurgan on the 30th Dec, or stay a few days longer and head down on 2nd Jan by train. i look forward to teaching the Kurgan at his company in January. He is the jungle VIP, an original Aryan wildman killer and expert with assault rifles and hand to hand weaponry, echt Kurgan. i seem to attract people like this, in my first life also, leaders and killers of men.

Happy hallowe’en, ladies.