i did a rune casting over the weekend, focussing on my inability to write anything of value, my feeling of being spiritually abandoned. A simple five rune cast. The past was an inverted Kenaz; the present, inverted Ansuz; the future, Jera; the challenge/difficulty or obstacle to overcome was Naudhiz, and the inner resource, Thurisaz. The past and present require no interpretative genius, they flatly describe what i already know, that i have fallen. The future offers hope or at least change, consequence. Naudhiz is typical for me, for i achieve nothing without difficulty, without intense need (the ox is driven to pasture by blows). Thurisaz is curious but i believe indicates a need for decisive action, perhaps a murder or rape, or at least a heist of some kind.

i did various different rune casts about my job, my future “career” and Kenaz appeared in all but one, either as a deficiency or as something i require. The odds of Kenaz appearing in all but one are very slim (even in the one rune cast, the one rune was Kenaz – a 1 in 24 chance) – i tried to calculate the probability and ended up guessing it would be about 60 divided by 300,000. A vestige of teaching myself theoretical Statistics in my insufficiently-wicked youth, i tend to automatically think in mechanistic, mathematical terms.

i must mull over Thurisaz. i believe it indicates a need for ruthless action and chthonic, non-human energies – energies which are nonetheless part of the human, as the thurses are oft kin to the Aesir (note the symmetries between Thor and the thurses). Thorn is the divider, a force which breaks apart, and so allows for the destruction of stagnant forms, the recasting of energy (hence, Jera). It demands reaction; it tests, and if there is anything worth defending, it will awaken deeper energies (Naudhiz).

Right now i feel i should stop blogging for a while. All my blogging energy is dead and must be allowed to either pass wholly away, or to return howsoever it wills. i dare say i will return, as is my wont. In the meantime, i will write more book reviews for the Dabbler, and if the Southrons run them you can read me there.