Been too busy to blog, lots of early mornings & late evenings, expeditions & butcheries & sorcerous happenings. Highlights of my recent weeks:

1. Juniper, my MILF, says i look like a hedgehog.


It appears to be something to do with my hair, long nose, and general expression of baffled helplessness. i learn:

Hedgehogs have a friendly and curious nature and are intelligent, fun to play with and happy being on their own. They are covered in spines or quills. When frightened, they can roll up into a tight ball.


2. Bought a pair of new, expensive shoes. They look strange on me, because i don’t have a right to wear anything but a hessian sack, secured with twine.

3. My temping memoir is going quite well, i mainly write on the s-bahns and u-bahns with my badass space pen, and have managed about 3000 words, so maybe 1000 a week. At this rate it’ll take a year but now i’ve outlived Hamlet and Christ i guess i’ll live forever so can take my time.

4. i went to a flea market with the Kurgan and bought an Olympia typewriter for 11 Euros. The owner wanted 12 but Mrs Kurgan beat him down. Both Kurgans tried to dissuade me from buying the first one i saw (this was in the first 2 minutes) but i had a good feeling about it and, after spending years trying to find an affordable and working machine on ebay i wasn’t willing to let this one slip through my strangling fingers. i tested it by writing “The Kurgan is a killer. He smokes too much” and then handed the sheet to the Kurgan himself, who was bemused & sceptical. i lugged the damn thing around in its big case for 2 hours then quit early.

Most of the machines on offer were antiques, which look great (jet-black, Nazi) but i’ve already bought two such from ebay: one broke after a month, the other didn’t work in the first place. The Olympia is grey and Stalinist-looking, indeed i believe it is a GDR relic and doubtless has typed many a Stasi death sentence. i would prefer a Kronen-style black monster but the Stasi machine is easier to equip with new ribbons, probably easier to repair if anything goes wrong.

i haven’t used it yet, after a bit of testing, but will doubtless embark on a hideous new project, soon. i increasingly loathe computers for writing or reading, hence my bloglack of late.