i taught this word to Juniper, as part of my courting. i now teach it to each student. They don’t need words like deadline, appointment, reciprocate, diligence, etc. They need words like scum.

In German it is Abschaum.

i usually use it in reference to the English. Sometimes i call them “the scum of the Earth.” One of my favourite groups, a bunch of Schnitzel-eating engineers, moved from a spacious office to a cramped, hot room with a view of a brick wall.

“What happened to your old room?” quoth i.

“The managers say it is too good for us so we must leave. Now we are here!” Engineer 1 replied bravely.

“This is a shit room. This is a room for scum, Abschaum. They must think you are scum.”

“Yes, that is us. We are the scum in this company and we belong here in the scum room.”

And so on.