1. i saw Hanna the other day, a fairly amusing, competently-done thriller which never quite added up to anything special. The lead girl, Saoirse Ronan, looks very like one of my students, a 27-year-old Marketeer who is also, i found by chance, a fashion model (she even has the same facial expressions). The character is some kind of Bosche, albeit raised in the North. It also features Galadriel, and Hoot from Black Hawk Down. There are three very good things about this film, apart from Ronan:

i. Galadriel with an evil American accent;

ii. A crazy German magician who lives in some weird funhouse in Berlin; i wish to become this man; he is even played Martin Wuttke, who also played Hitler in Inglorious Basterds;

iii. A German assassin who looks and even acts like Till Lindemann (Rammstein frontman):


iv. A Guardianista English family.

If you suppose that people like this dominate the media, academia, and government, you have an idea why England is the way it is. Their entire worldview is derived from the Guardian and BBC; they are usually rich but keep talking about the need to overthrow the rich; they keep a well-stocked wine cellar, for their socialist parties; they have a villa in Tuscany; they regard anyone right of themselves as a fascist. They know nothing about real “poor people” or work; they all have highly paid bullshit jobs where they enthuse passionately about the poor and the deprived and the need to destroy the rich and everyone right of themselves. They have never had an ordinary job in their lives. Drop them in the middle of Longsight and they would be rapidly mugged, raped, tortured, and murdered.

2. There are of course such idle good-for-nothings among the Bosche but in general the Kraut are conservative, they believe in structure, order, coherence, nuclear families. Even in patchwork families the fathers take an interest in the children, help raise them, and the mothers likewise; they don’t just get wasted and leave the kids in front of the TV, as is the norm in Blighty. They know that scum are scum.

3. On my evening constitutional i was vigorously overtaken by a Bosche frau (big tits, blonde hair) with a pair of Nordic walking poles. This is typically German. Jerry seems incapable of just going for a walk or getting on a bike. He has to invest a couple of thousand in special equipment. The walking poles look ridiculous but are strangely popular. The women just now looked supremely bossy, as if she was barging to the head of a queue. This is no doubt why the Bosche love these things.

4. Shortly after being humiliated by this pair of phallic Nordic walking poles (did the Vikings really use these things? it seems unlikely) i passed a field of flowers, with a sign to the effect that you can cut your own flowers. There is a money box for payment. The first time i saw this i couldn’t understand how it works. Apparently, you just cut your own flowers, then count them and pay. No one monitors you. In England hordes of crackhead chavs would burn the whole field down, then steal anything in the moneybox then rape, rob, and murder everyone in the neighbourhood. They wouldn’t take any flowers because flowers are for poofs. In Germany people diligently cut flowers, count them, and pay – even though no one would notice if they didn’t.

This is one reason i don’t want to return to England. There are still decent people in England but not too many; in my experience they are what you would call “working class” – no education, left school at 16, works in a factory, etc. (Hope lies with the proles). The middle class tend to be horrible Guardianistas and smug apple polishers. The upper class sorts i’ve met were either total assholes or nice but numerically insignificant in any case. i met these working class types in my assorted temp jobs; they never really fit into the office environment, which is designed for apple polishers. The ones i met were tough and manly but also would have regarded someone like Michael as a worthless sponge, an idiot incapable of holding down a job.

5. The Germans are great survivors. One could contrast English and German football thus. The English are lazy worthless overpaid trash, who mope desultorily about waiting for someone else to do all the hard work and pass them the ball, with a clear line of sight to the goals. They have enough technical skill to beat shitty 3rd world countries but no more. The Bosche have determination and tenacity. Last night i saw X-Men First Class, concerning the early years of Prof X and Magneto. Magneto is a death camp survivor, German Jew. This is a recipe for brutal violence and grit.