In no particular order, the greatest clothes in cinema:

1. Withnail’s coat.

It’s a tweed with a rainbow lining. The designer, Andrea Galer, sent me a sample when i emailed a query for my novel.  i toted the sample about for a few weeks, contemplating it under different lighting. It has many different colour strands so looks quite different under different illumination.

2. The Driver’s jacket, Drive

Gosling’s character never seems to change out of it. He beats 2nd rate mobsters to death and then carries on wearing it, covered in blood and brain matter. Nobody notices. It has a scorpion design on the back.

3. Vincent’s suit, Collateral

An extremely badass suit, no doubt specially tailored in Thailand to conceal weaponry.

4. The Joker’s assemblage, The Dark Knight

A waistcoat. Green and purple. Make up. A sense of humour. Panache.

5. Han Solo

Unlike the peasant hippy Jedi, Solo is always clad in some kind of shirt and jacket. Mostly, he wears a nicotine-stained shirt and black waistcoat, but in Empire he wears a deep blue jacket over a fairly respectable Rebellion shirt.

6. Max Fischer, Rushmore

Fischer’s habitual garb is his Rushmore academy blazer. He marks his low point – expulsion from school – by dressing in drab browns like an old man. His blazer is the symbol of his pride and youthful ambition.

7. Sailor Ripley’s jacket, Wild at Heart

Sailor: Did I ever tell ya that this here jacket represents a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom?
Lula: About fifty thousand times.

8. Al Pacino’s boss suit, Godfather 2:

You may only wear such a suit when you have sold your soul to the Devil.

9. Martin Riggs’ cowboy boots, Lethal Weapon

(see 1.54)

These boots are imbued with the power of Riggs.

10. Boba Fett, Return of the Jedi

Fett is a bounty hunter, called in by Darth Vader when the Imperial forces are unable to apprehend the Millenium Falcon. Whereas the Imperial troops and ships are shiny and perfect, Fett looks inscrutable and scuzzy. His armour looks like some Cold War-era junk thrown into a bunker and then salvaged and rewelded by gypsies. He hardly says anything. He is, we gather, exceedingly cunning. He is one of the few people seemingly undaunted by Darth Vader; not that he says or does anything to suggest this: he merely seems unaffected:

11. Morpheus’ everything, The Matrix

Morpheus. He wears big heavy overcoats and loud ties and seemingly opaque sunglasses but can still move, somehow:

12. Maximus Decimus Meridius’ battle dress, Gladiator

Appropriate for German winters.

13. Bill the Butcher’s everything, Gangs of New York

Stovepipe hat, leather waistcoat, knife belt, knives, pipe, glass eye.

14. Almasy’s desert garb, The English Patient

Thus equipped you are ready for the sandstorms and treachery.