1. i try to check my site stats every day though i’m often too lethargic. Today, it seems the following Google searches led to my blog:

asda scum

big tits at work 12

“slightly tarnished, because the job did that to you, but not rotten.”

young black girl with huge tits getting pummeled

baboon smoking

2. More from 21st Century England:

i) Chav beats old man to death, gets 3 years in prison (which means 1.5 years)

ii) Woman commits suicide after her Facebook information is leaked to her Muslim parents

iii) Ancient British monument “moved” to make way for housing estate (presumably for more fundamentalist Muslims)

iv) Incompetent police let burglar off

v) Morrissey claims Royal Family murdered nurse who committed suicide

3. And today is the last time we can have a thingy where the day, month, and year are the same, 12-12-12. After this, it’s all downhill.