In the last 2 or 3 weeks: my watch died, my printer died, a button fell off my coat, my cold water tap started leaking, my internet stopped working, and yesterday i set my kettle on fire, destroying it and my electricity. This has semi-solved my printer/internet problem, as there’s no point bothering with them if i have no electricity. Indeed, i realised i only need electricity for tea and light and since i no longer have a kettle, tea isn’t an option now. i have candles but the light isn’t strong enough to read by, so i will simply go to bed earlier, like a medieval peasant.

Two of my longest running groups end this week, one i liked very much ended last week. i now have only about 10 hours work a week. Everything seems to be falling apart about me and i feel i should stop blogging for a while, so i can concentrate on the disintegration. i’ll return on 1 April, by which time i will be 37.