1. i didn’t blog for a while, as i was busy rewriting my awful Bildungsroman, The Better Maker, and felt besides a paralysing impotence and lack of faith in any kind of public thought or writing. TBM is now, i hope, finished – begun in 2002, first draft finished on my 28th birthday in 2004, edited and re-edited for years, i self-published the best version i could make in 2008, not entirely satisfied; then i began a total rewriting about a year ago and now i think and pray it is done. It isn’t a great book but i think it is good at least, and whole, whereas the earlier versions were flawed, probably because i was then too close to the protagonist. Now i am an old dog of 40 and so somewhat distant from that earlier self.

2. Back in 2002, i wanted to be published and famous in a literary sense (i.e. no one would recognise me on the bus). By the time TBM was self-published in 2008, i wished merely for enough money to stop temping. i now feel uninterested in either money or readers. i have always been, like Farinata, unable to perceive the present – one reason, perhaps, that i proved unemployable for any save the worst jobs in England, being uninterested in beer, football, celebrities, TV; i have always felt more at home in the distant past, and now i have lost any sense of a future:

‘We see, like those with faulty vision, things at a distance from us,’ he said, ‘so much light the Sovereign Lord still grants us; when they draw near or are present our intellect is wholly at fault and unless others bring us word we know nothing of your human state. Thou canst understand, therefore, that all our knowledge will be dead from the moment the door of the future is closed.

tutta morta

fia nostra conoscenza da quel punto

che del futuro fia chiusa la porta

(Inferno, X, tr. John Sinclair)


Although i did not really think much about the future, i wanted European civilisation to continue – civilisation as i have seen it in Germany and Finland, for it is already half-gone in England. i found Germany & especially Bavaria astonishing, in many ways like some idyllic England of the 30s, with almost no street crime, a naturally conservative, traditionalist culture, relatively homogeneous, with a daily decency which seems to have disappeared from England (when i think of exceptions, they are almost always people over 60). Germany seemed indeed like Tolkien’s Shire – there were petty spites and crimes, but especially in Munich life was stable and secure. Women could get blind drunk and take the u-bahn home at night without fear. When i told my German friends here how dangerous England is, they said “oh but it is dangerous here also! A man was killed 3 years ago in McDonald’s!”, and i blinked and told them that this would be a rather more regular occurrence in England.

When i think now of the future, it is of Eurabia. Germany has few low-skill jobs (mostly outsourced), so the young males imported from Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea, Iraq, Syria, will be largely unemployable. There will be sizeable ghettos, as in Sweden and France and Belgium, where the police and emergency services no longer dare go. The police will act only to arrest and intimidate the native Europeans who try to protect themselves, their women and their children. The migrants, i imagine, did not come here to work in any case – and certainly not because they are fleeing warzones – they came with the promise of generous welfare and a carefree existence. One need only look at how 2nd and 3rd generation migrants have assimilated in Rotherham or Sweden, to see what lies in store. If there is, as projected, a 1929-style crash this year, the migrants will riot and rise up, because they are not granted the pleasant accommodations and BMWs they expected. The police will be unable and indeed unwilling to do more than arrest PEGIDA and Soldier of Odin-style European Maquis. Finally, the kind of riots we saw in the UK in 2011 will be commonplace, with added Muslim mass rapes, tortures, murders, until finally only the rich, and their well-rewarded tools will dwell in secure compounds, or even relocate entirely.

This sounds, of course, preposterous. When i told my German friends, in September 2015, that they would soon see Muslim rape as an everyday phenomenon, and Feminists and media would ignore it or defend the rapists, and the police would do little or nothing, naturally everyone thought i was nuts (for those who don’t follow the non-mainstream media, it has come true). As, i’m sure, it would have seemed ludicrous to suppose that the Bolshevik party could overthrow the Russian Government and turn all the lands unfortunate enough to fall under the USSR into a police state. It would have seemed ludicrous, to upper middle class Jewish doctors or lawyers or musicians, if one had suggested they get out of Europe in 1933. Had one told Tolkien, when he was a child in leafy Birmingham, that in a few decades it would resemble Mogadishu on welfare, he would probably have scoffed and said, Don’t get carried away.

3. i sympathise with Stefan Zweig, now. He committed suicide in Brazil in 1942. In his suicide note:

Every day I learned to love this country more, and I would not have asked to rebuild my life in any other place after the world of my own language sank and was lost to me and my spiritual homeland, Europe, destroyed itself.


i have considered escaping Europe before it becomes Eurabia, but i feel a great lethargy and hopelessness. As one of my German friends said, grimly, Where can we go? Japan, perhaps, but i fear to start a new and totally alien language at my advanced age.

In the eyes of the early 20s migrants – a class of whom sexually harassed my female boss at McLingua a few weeks ago (they were supposedly learning German) – i see only gloating triumph, as the white Christian devil opens the gates and waves welcoming banners.

stupid bitches

4. Perhaps, in a few thousand years, civilisation will arise once more in Europe, but i am an impatient man. i have some scant hope that the Kraut will rediscover their killing rage of yore, and resist the 3rd World invasion. Contrary to what i read in Der Spiegel, the rapists are not feared by a tiny minority of neo-Nazi extremists – almost every German i meet has said it is a terrible idea to import millions of young males from the 3rd World; so far, i have met only one (a hippy dippy fat woman, resembling a giant bespectacled rabbit) who is unreservedly happy to have hordes of rapists running amok in her neighbourhood. i don’t know quite what Angela Merkel, and whoever put pressure on her, had in mind, but i get the feeling they were thinking in terms of Sweden – that most people would be afraid of being called Nazis and would grin forcedly as the Muslims drag their children away to be raped; that the media would effectively cover up the inevitable atrocities, that the entire country would be turned into a 3rd World slum with a few scared white people paying high taxes to subsidize the welfare of millions of rapists and criminals.

My one hope is that Merkel and her backers have underestimated the Bosche. Already, the Government has taken the attack to the German people, using tax-payers’ money to accuse us of being violent Nazis:


“Stay strong Germany! With humanity, against your dark side!”

i’m not joking – the German Government have actually used the money paid by Germans, and poor folk such as myself, to accuse us of being potential monsters. The gap between the official narrative, and the everyday reality, is now so great that virtually everyone i talk to says things like “you cannot trust the Government” and “the newspapers are all lies”. Even the frigging leftie multiculturalists i know are now saying they are scared, and one even of these “welcome refugee!” idiots asked me where she can get pepper spray.

5. If we can take Sweden as the Eurabian exemplar, i think it is a mistake to see Germany going the same route without a struggle. i don’t know why some countries, e.g. the UK, passively accept their Muslim overlords and the Politically Correct elite – actually, when i worked with the left-school-at-16 masses in my temping years, i found virtually everyone was conservative and un-PC, but were terrified of being hounded by the leftist mob and leftist police. It’s different in Germany, especially Bavaria. i see England as a special case, perhaps as Peter Hitchens suggested, our sense of inferiority to the US – heightened by our common language – destroyed our cultural integrity. i think Sweden is a particularly egregious case because they haven’t had a war in a long long time now – they were carefully and profitably neutral in WW2, and i note that the countries which really suffered and fought the most tend to retain their cultural cohesion and pride. Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, France, were quickly defeated and then relatively gently occupied by the Panzerkraut. These countries are now all hellholes of Islam and left-wing ideology. They didn’t fight worth a damn, and apart from the Jews and Commies they had an easy enough time of it.

Now let’s look at Finland.


Finland was at war, unaided, against the Soviet Union for 3 months. And it won. Well, it lost but at such a high cost to Ivan that as one Russian general put it, “we won just enough earth to bury our dead in”. Then Finland was an ally of Germany, fighting to regain territory and officially at war with Britain, the US, USSR. Then Finland made a peace with the USSR and was at war with Germany. Finland was at war with fucking everybody.

The Finns have low immigration and are a bunch of scowling black-metal-looking abominations, clutching warhammers and spiked clubs. They have the usual left-wing Government and media but the people themselves seem to be a race of blood-soaked maniacs, ready for war.

Russia, Poland, Hungary, etc. – consider Timothy Snyder’s Bloodlands. Do you think Ivan will welcome half a billion Muslim rapists? Will Ivan wave “welcome refugee” signs? Will Ivan say, “this Muslim rapist must have had a hard childhood, so we can’t send him to prison.” Will Ivan say, “you are all welcome to rape and steal, and we will turn the other cheek”? Will Ivan put 3rd World rapists in cruise liners and 5-star hotels? Will Ivan bankrupt his own nation to provide for foreign rapists?


Now let us turn to Germany. At war with virtually every country on the planet over 5 years, a good brutal war every generation until 1945. It is true that present day Kraut are much softer and feebler than the Kraut of the 1930s:

Bilddatum 2008 Ort Credit ? Legende Claus von Stauffenberg um 1924. .. aus dem Buch von Konstanze von Schulthess 'Nina Schenk GrŠfin von Stauffenberg', erschienen im Pando Verlag Fotograf

This Kraut would lose a hand and an eye and still fight. The present-day Kraut are naturally a much softer bunch, but i think the warrior genes are still there, the sense that life is war and conflict, and that the nice, the soft, are eradicated by the ruthless and the brutal. It is my hope that Germany will mark the turning of the tide against the Left, against mass rape and genocide. It is, of course, unlikely.

Merkel will go down in history as the destroyer of Europe. Whether the native populations are to be exterminated or enslaved by the rapist hordes, or whether we have a hideous Balkans-style civil war, with house to house fighting, she will not be remembered fondly. i doubt i will survive this coming war, but then i never expected to get to 40, so, as one of my German friends said, i should look on every day as an added and unexpected bonus. In my mind, i am already dead, as is the quiet, orderly Europe i have enjoyed the last 6 years – now comes the war, ruin and the world’s ending.